5 Space-Saving Hacks for Those with a Tiny Kitchen

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Sometimes, living in a big city means sacrificing space in our home. Those who live in a compact apartment or condo might have to sacrifice the size of their abode in order to live next to where the hustle and bustle is. If you have been bestowed with a small kitchen in your apartment, storage and space might be some of the issues you encounter. Follow these simple hacks to make the most out of your tiny cooking space.

Get a Sliding Organizer

A sliding organizer does wonders if you have a lot of condiments and seasoning sprawled across your kitchen counter. These organizers fit perfectly in the gap between the counter and the fridge. They have three to four racks that can fit bottles and containers of any size.

Utilize the Sink

If you have a tiny kitchen, it’s important to make use of every space as much as possible. Get yourself a cutting board that fits perfectly on top of the sink so you’ll have more space to do your food prep. If your sink is situated by the wall, you could also hang a shelf to put your clean dishes right on top of the sink.

Tuck Away Your Appliances

When not in use, store your blender, food processor, toaster, or juicer inside the cabinet. This will free your counter space from clutter and your kitchen will actually be more pleasant to look at. If you still don’t have room to store all your appliances, consider getting smaller ones that would fit perfectly in your cabinet.

Invest in Shelving

Having limited storage is not optimal for those who like to cook and bake. We need a place to safely store all of our ingredients without having them pile up and become a mess. Invest in shelving that you can easily put together and pull apart whenever you need to re-organize your pantry necessities.

Do Mini Renovations

If you still feel like you still need to amplify the space in your kitchen, you can start by doing mini-renovation projects. This includes changing the color of the countertop from dark to light, installing more lighting, and so on. These renovation projects don’t always have to be big; it can start as small as rearranging your utensils, spices, and containers.

Hopefully, these hacks will give all small kitchen owners some ideas on how to optimize their limited space. It’s a great way to get creative with how you make the most out of your kitchen, especially if you have a penchant for keeping things neat, tidy, and organized.

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