Best Buy TV Stands #1 Review In 2020

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FITÜEYES Floor TV Stand with Mount Two Shelves for 32inch to 65inch Sony/Samsung/LG/Vizio TV – Editor’s Pick

FITÜEYES Floor TV Stand with Mount best buy TV stand

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For homeowners who want a simple but modern-looking piece, FITÜEYES Floor TV Stand may just be the perfect accessory for your living room. Its sleek design has a cable management system that hides wires and cords to have a clean look.

If you want to position your TV in such a way that it safely stays in place but would not want to drill any holes in the wall, this TV stand is definitely for you. It provides a perfect viewing height that prevents neck strains, through its three adjustable heights.

It has a built-in mounted swivel that pans up to 15 degrees in each direction. You get to watch your favourite show without any problem with regards to having your preferred viewing angle.  It also provides ample space for game consoles, DVDs, and CDs.

The mount fits most TVs from 32″ to 65″, and is able to hold a weight of up to 100lbs (45.36kg). To make sure this mount will fit perfectly, your TV’s VESA bolt pattern should fall between 3.94″ (10cm)(w) x  3.94″ (10cm)(h) and 23.62″ (60cm)(w) x 15.75″ (40cm)(h).

The weight capacity for the mount is 110 lbs (49.9kg) , the tray is 33 lbs (14.97kg) and the bottom shelf is 55 lbs (24.95kg) .

This tiny beauty costs less than $100, which is a cost-friendly addition to any home. Its simplicity speaks of elegance and function. And because it’s more affordable than other similar products, you can keep your home design consistent by buying the exact same stand for all rooms with a TV!

With its simple design, you can add soundbar brackets to improve the audio quality of your TV. This equipment won’t take too much space.

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  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to assemble, without the need to use sophisticated tools
  • Can be swiveled in any direction for optimal viewing
  • Simple and sleek design
  • Adjustable height
  • Enough space to accommodate game consoles, media players, and media discs


  • Tempered glass material may invite accidents in homes with children

What Buyers Like

Buyers liked how easy it was for them to put this piece together. Customers really enjoyed that the height of the television made it easy to see from everywhere in the room! Not to mention, reviewers also liked how well it looked!

Final Verdict

FITÜEYES Floor TV Stand makes our best buy TV stand list because it is functional, fashionable, and can go with any décor! Not recommended for for people who need more storage. A simple design, a functional stand, and a fantastic piece for any room!

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