Best Buy TV Stands #1 Review In 2020

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Bell’O CW342 65″ TV Stand for TVs up to 73″ – Best Buy TV Stand for Protection

Bell O CW342 65 TV Stand best buy TV stands

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If you prefer TV furniture that combines aesthetics and appliance protection, this product may be the perfect one for your needs. Bell’O CW342 TV Stand provides a picturesque focal point for your living room.

As one of our recommended best buy TV stands on this list, this product sports a unique design with S-shaped sides that are crafted from real wood in a vibrant espresso finish to give it a modern touch. It is also sophisticatedly designed with black chrome posts that exudes elegance.

It can carry up to 4 audio-video components on the tinted tempered safety glass shelves and features a cable management system to manage unsightly wires and power cords. The perfect combination of smooth tinted glass and sleek curved wood gives a minimalist and modern design that will look amazing anywhere you put it.

The best thing about this furniture is its open shelf design, which provides natural ventilation. This effectively provides sufficient cooling of electronic appliances, so that the internal components are protected from extreme temperatures.

This TV stand can hold up 125 lbs. (56.7kg) of weight, and is able to accommodate any TV unit of up to 73” screen size. It’s also easy to assemble – a Phillips screwdriver and a few quick turns will do the trick!

Dimensions: 24” (66cm)H x 64 (160.27cm)”W x 23” (45.72cm)D
Usable Middle Shelf Dimensions: 55 3/4″ (141.6cm)H x 9″ (22.86)W x 16 1/2″ (41.91cm)D

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  • Perfectly sized for TV units of up to 73 inches
  • Convenient space for up to 4 AV components
  • Open architecture design provides plenty of air circulation for cooling of components
  • Integrated cable management system to hide and route wires and cables
  • Shelves made of Tinted tempered safety glass
  • Easy to assemble


  • More expensive than most of the best buy TV stands on this list

What Buyers Like

There was more than one reviewer who commented on how incredibly sturdy this piece is. Other customers liked how well it looks for the price, as well as how the cool ‘S’ shape design doesn’t make it look “boxy”. Safety glass works incredibly well for most customers as an assurance that they made the right choice!

Final Verdict

When it comes to keeping your electronics and TV safe, the Bell’O CW342 TV Stand has you covered. The sturdy and reliable design, as well as the safety glass make this our pick for best stand to protect your entertainment valuables! Not recommended for people who don’t like mixed material furniture.

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