#1 Review On Best Kids Table and Chairs Sets (December 2019)

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Kidkraft Heart Table and Chairs Set – Best Design Kids Table and Chairs

Kidkraft Heart Table and Chair Set

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What Makes The Kidkraft Heart Table and Chairs Set Unique?

Who says you need to sacrifice form for function? This wooden kids table and chairs set has an added bonus that you probably won’t see in other conventional products – four storage bins under the table! The bins may be used to store your child’s toys, arts & crafts materials, and just about anything. The wooden table is designed to be open on both sides so that your kids can simply reach for the bins on either side.

Unique Shape

Another striking feature of this kids wooden table and chairs set is its impeccable and dainty design. The wooden chair backrests come with heart-shaped holes and soft pastel colors (pink and lavender) that look clean and sophisticated. Its design also encourages your children to unleash their creative side through games as well as arts and crafts.

How Durable Is This Table and Chairs Set For Kids?

Kidkraft Heart Table and Chair Set has a sturdy wooden construction that makes it durable no matter how your kids use it. The wooden chairs can hold the weight of a kid in school-age without any worries about it collapsing. The smooth table surface is also specially built so that it’s easy to clean for your child’s next art session or tea party.

Why Should You Consider This Set?

If you’re looking for a wooden table and chairs set for toddlers that doesn’t scream for attention but can still attract your child, Kidkraft Heart Table and Chair Set may be something worth considering.

What Are the Dimensions Of This wooden Kids Table and Chairs Set?

The set’s measurements are: kids table height is 19 1/2″ (49.53cm), table width is 22.4″ (56.9cm) by 30.4″ (77.22cm) long, chair seat height is 11″ (27.94) high, chair back is 20″ (50.8cm) , chair width is 11.25″ (28.575cm) wide and 11.25″ deep (actual seating area 10″ (25.4cm) deep).

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What Are The Pros Of The Kidkraft Heart Set?

  • Sturdy wood construction
  • Compact and perfectly sized to consume a small space in your home
  • With 4 storage bins under the table
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy-to-clean surface

What Are The Cons Of The Kidkraft Heart Set?

  • Dainty design may not attract male children
  • Assembly may need some effort

Why Should You Buy Kidkraft Heart Table and Chairs Set?

A lot of customers loved how there was extra storage for their kid’s toys and arts and crafts supplies. A few customers even commented on how well the wooden table is built, and that it is a very solid wood. Lots of customers liked how the size of the table and chairs could easily fit into their child’s bedroom!

Is The Kidkraft Heart Set For You?

Kidkraft Heart Table and Chair Set makes our list because it is sturdy, incorporates storage, and is ADORABLY DESIGNED! Not recommended for buyers who don’t like long assembly. We love this set because it adds some personality to kids’ storage and table sets!

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