#1 Review On Best Kids Table and Chairs Sets (December 2019)

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Crayola Wooden Table and Chairs Set – Most Fun Kids Table and Chairs Set

Crayola Wooden Table and Chair Set

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Bring out the fun and creativity in your child with this beautiful children play table and chairs set from Crayola. This wooden three-piece set has two chairs with high-back crayon-shaped backrests to fit kids up to 8 years old. Each chair can hold up to 50 pounds in weight.

Usability & Durability Combined 

The kids play table is also a marvel in itself. It comes with a double-sided table top: one side has a whiteboard surface for markers, and the flip side is a blackboard for chalk drawings. It’s one of the few kids table and chairs with storage. The sturdy construction of the table is complemented by the usability of built-in fabric storage bins, where your children can store their toys and art supplies.

Pouches are found at each corner of the kids wooden table top to make crayons and drawing implements within your kids’ reach. This also keeps their markers and crayons organized, instead of leaving them lying all over the table top or falling off the floor.

What Makes This Table and Chairs Set For Kids Unique?

The entire set promotes fun with its vibrant color details that evoke the Crayola brand of crayons, as well as splashes of colors and patterns to bring a childlike vibe to the product. With its highly useful features and creativity-boosting design, this wooden kids table and chairs set will definitely keep your children busy channeling their art.

A Kids Table and Chairs Set Made For Fun And Creativity Inspiration

We recommend the Crayola Wooden Table and Chair Set for kids who seem to have a knack for artistic flair and are attracted to vibrant crayon-inspired colors and designs.

What Are the Dimensions Of Crayola Wooden Set?

The set’s measurements are: play table height is 19″ (48.26cm), table width is 23″ (58.42cm) by 23″ (58.42cm) long, chair seat is 9 1/2″ (24.13) high. Chair’s Weight Capacity 50 pounts (22.68kg)

Recommended age: 3 to 8 Years

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What Are The Pros Of The Crayola Wooden Set?

  • Fun and lively design with crayon-inspired colors
  • Double-sided wooden table top: chalkboard on one side, whiteboard on the opposite side
  • Wooden Chair can hold a child up to 8 years old and 50 pounds in weight
  • With two fabric storage bins for safekeeping art supplies and toys
  • With four table pouches to hold crayons, pencils, and other drawing implements

What Are The Cons Of The Crayola Wooden Set?

  • Choking hazard: not for children below 3 years old
  • Wood material used is not too strong
  • Design decals may chip off

Why Should You Buy This Table and Chairs Set For Your Kids?

So many reviews were about how well their children liked this table and chair set!  Customers also loved all the storage options for their art supplies or toys, not to mention how bright and cheerful the table is for their children. 

Is The Crayola Wooden Set For You?

The Crayola Wooden Table and Chair Set is great for kids who love to be surrounded by color and is easily the most fun table in our list! Not recommended for families who don’t like busy colors, or designs. All in all, a fun and playful table set for any child to fall in love with!

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