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What Is A Floating TV Stand & Should You Buy One?

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It’s surprising just how many people are unsure of what a floating TV stand is. People also often debate whether or not they should actually buy one and if they’re worth the investment.

In this post I will talk about what a floating TV stand is and if you should buy one or not.

Floating TV stand – pros and cons

There are both pros and cons of purchasing a floating TV stand. Here are just some of the factors you should consider when weighing up the pros and cons.

floating tv stand pros and cons

Floating TV stand – Pros

Safer for children

Floating TV stands are also considered to be much safer for children as opposed to the likes of entertainment centers. This is because floating stands can’t be reached by small hands and then accidentally pulled over.

As the stand is on a wall-mount, children can’t get too close to it either so there’s no chance of it toppling onto them.

Space saving

A floating TV stand is essentially one that can be wall-mounted and doesn’t take up any floor space – hence the ‘floating’ element of it. Therefore, it can really help you to save space.

This is because you won’t have to find the absolute perfect place to fit in a huge entertainment center for example; you can easily attach a floating TV stand on pretty much any wall.

Whether it’s in your living room or bedroom, this type of TV stand can really assist you when it comes to space saving issues. Even if you’re aren’t particularly pressed for space, you should still consider investing in a floating stand as you’ll just provide your home with even more space for other items!

More mobile for viewing purposes

Yet another benefit of buying a floating TV stand is that it offers much more mobility for viewing purposes. This is because these types of TV stands can often be maneuverable. You can get floating TV stands that enable you to move the TV multiple ways as well as turning it upwards or downwards to make room for something else.

Minimalist and modern

For a stylish choice, many people are now opting for a floating TV stand. They are often more stylish and modern as opposed to other types of TV stands. As they’re also space-saving, they give off a truly minimalist look which is good if you’re struggling for space in your home.

Also, they are a much more modern choice of the TV stand. This is because you can choose from an eccentric array of vastly different designs and models. This makes your floating TV stand uniquely tailored to your home.

Floating TV stand – Cons

No storage space

One negative of a floating TV stand, however, is that they have very limited storage space available. As they are most often wall-mounted, it means that there are no drawers or extra shelves available to store items.

You could solve this issue by investing in some new storage cupboards. However, you may not have the budget to accommodate such a purchase.

Harder to hide excess wires

Similarly to the point above, there is also not really anywhere to hide any excess wires that are protruding from the television and attached consoles. There’s no obvious place to stow away overhanging wires, which often puts people off from buying a floating TV stand.

Children will also be more likely to try and pull at the TV stand if there are lots of loose wires, which could prove to be a safety hazard.

floating tv stand

When it comes to the question of whether you should buy a floating TV stand, it really depends on your personal requirements. They can be excellent pieces of furniture if you wish to save space in your home. They can also be much safer for children and allow for more mobile viewing of the TV.

However, if you’re in need of a lot of storage then they may not be the best option. Floating TV stands don’t come with shelves or drawers to utilize storage. Therefore, you may need to purchase additional storage items to cater to your storage needs.

It’s a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons of buying a floating TV stand. If you don’t need the storage space, have young children and want multiple viewing angles then they’re for you!

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