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Updated Jan 5, 2022

Floating TV Stand



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FITUEYES Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console Wood Grain


Best for Affordability

South Shore 9029676 Floating Wall Mounted Media Console


Best for Modern Design

Prepac BCAW-0200-1 Altus Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console


Best for The Movie Collector

What Is A Floating TV Stand?

It’s surprising just how many people are unsure of what a floating TV stand is. People also often debate whether or not they should actually buy one and if they’re worth the investment.

In this post I will talk about what a floating TV stand is and if you should buy one or not.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of A Floating TV stand?

There are both pros and cons of purchasing a floating TV stand. Here are just some of the factors you should consider when weighing up the pros and cons.

floating tv stand pros and cons

Floating TV stand Pros

Why Is It Safer for Children?

Floating entertainment centers are also considered to be much safer for children as opposed to the likes of entertainment centers. This is because floating stands can’t be reached by small hands and then accidentally pulled over.

As the stand is on a wall-mount, children can’t get too close to it either so there’s no chance of it toppling onto them.

A Floating TV Stand Saves Space

A floating TV console is essentially one that can be wall-mounted and doesn’t take up any floor space – hence the ‘floating’ element of it. Therefore, it can really help you to save space.

This is because you won’t have to find the absolute perfect place to fit in a huge entertainment center for example; you can easily attach a floating TV stand on pretty much any wall.

Whether it’s in your living room or bedroom, this type of media console can really assist you when it comes to space saving issues. Even if you’re aren’t particularly pressed for space, you should still consider investing in a floating stand as you’ll just provide your home with even more space for other items!

More Mobile For Viewing Purposes

Yet another benefit of buying a floating media console is that it offers much more mobility for viewing purposes. This is because these types of TV stands can often be maneuverable. You can get floating media consoles that enable you to move the TV multiple ways as well as turning it upwards or downwards to make room for something else.

A Floating TV Stand Is Minimalist and Modern

For a stylish choice, many people are now opting for a floating TV stand. They are often more stylish and modern as opposed to other types of media consoles. As they’re also space-saving, they give off a truly minimalist look which is good if you’re struggling for space in your home.

Also, they are a much more modern choice of the TV console. This is because you can choose from an eccentric array of vastly different designs and models. This makes your floating TV stand uniquely tailored to your home.

Floating TV Stand Cons

No storage space

One negative of a floating TV cabinet, however, is that they have very limited storage space available. As they are most often wall-mounted, it means that there are no drawers or extra shelves available to store items.

You could solve this issue by investing in some new storage cupboards. However, you may not have the budget to accommodate such a purchase.

It’s Harder to Hide Excess Wires With A Floating Media Console

Similarly to the point above, there is also not really anywhere to hide any excess wires that are protruding from the television and attached consoles.

This makes cable management a bit difficult. There’s no obvious place to stow away overhanging wires, which often puts people off from buying a floating TV cabinet.

Children will also be more likely to try and pull at the TV console if there are lots of loose wires, which could prove to be a safety hazard.

floating tv stand in a living room

Common Issues & Solutions For Floating TV Consoles

1) How to Easily Cover TV Wires with a Floating TV Stand

Many companies manufacture wall covers to help you hide those pesky wires for your floating TV cabinet. However, not everyone likes the aesthetics of a strip hanging down from their TV! Purchasing a wall mounted TV shelf, a floating media cabinet, or various brands of floating media centers will certainly help to hide TV wires and general cable management!

2) How to Mount a Floating TV Stand

Securing your wall mount TV Stand is critical to keeping your floating wall TV stand in good condition. Having it fall down, or breaking your walls is not ideal. However, there are tried and true ways to keep your floating TV console up for good!

Here are the essential steps to making sure your floating entertainment center is stable:

  • Find a good quality wall mounted TV stand. Yes, the actual quality of the holder itself is absolutely essential. All in all, you need to have solid base before even starting to hang your floating tv shelf and wall mount console.
  • Collect your tools. You will need a wide variety of tools. The essentials will be a drill, a stud finder, all the parts from your wall mounted media console, as well as a socket wrench set (socket wrench drill bits also work well).
  • Find the studs. Use your stud finder to find the studs in the wall where you want to put your floating TV entertainment center. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. If you try to hang your TV on simple drywall or plaster it WILL fall down.
  • Follow the instructions. Hanging TV cabinets come with detailed instructions. Follow them accordingly. Instructions will vary by brand.
  • Enjoy your TV! Once you’ve followed the instructions per your specific wall mounted media console, you’re on your way to pure enjoyment!

Be certain that your wall mount TV stand is secure, follow your instructions using the proper tools, as well as FIND YOUR STUDS and you’ll be headed for hours of entertainment!

3) How High Should You Place a Floating TV Stand

How high you place your floating TV stand is entirely up to you. Because there are always general rules, there is a typical height for wall mounted TV’s. Usually, people hang their TV consoles approximately 36” to 42” above the floor. This allows room for floating TV shelves, as well as a safe distance from the floor to avoid accidentally hitting it.

4) How to Hang a Floating TV Stand Without Studs

It is possible to hang your media console without studs. However, it does require extra equipment. You can purchase a heavy duty drywall anchor, you can add additional support between studs cutting into the wall, or you can even fashion a support out of wood.

Simply build a wooden support that goes between the studs. Then attach your floating entertainment shelf and TV to the support. This can be made with a single piece of sturdy wood, flat against the wall, or a few extra support beams in the wall.

As always, any major construction additions to your home should be overlooked by a professional. Furthermore, if you live in a rental home you absolutely need to check with your landlord before messing with the drywall!

5) Buying A Black Vs White TV Stand

All things considered, buying a black or a white floating TV stand comes down to your personal preferences, and who will be around it. If you’ve got children, then a white wall mounted TV cabinet probably will lead to visible marks. However, if you have a brightly colored home, a black floating TV unit probably isn’t the best idea.

Simply keep all of your tastes, as well as your daily wear and tear for items in your mind when shopping for a new media console. 

6) Wall Mounted TV Stands with Shelves or Without?

When it comes to picking out floating media shelf options, or choosing to go without wall mounted TV shelves, it doesn’t have to be a difficult choice!

Make a list of the items that you would like to have immediately around your television. If that list includes Blu-Ray’s, DVD’s, as well as gaming consoles, then it might be a good idea to invest in a wall mount media storage option!

If you’re going for a more minimalist look, then wall mounted TV stands with shelves aren’t going to be your most ideal choice. Consider your personal needs, and decide whether the floating shelf TV stand is for you!

Should You Buy A Floating TV Stand?

When it comes to the question of whether you should buy a floating TV stand, it really depends on your personal requirements. They can be excellent pieces of furniture if you wish to save space in your home. They can also be much safer for children and allow for more mobile viewing of the TV.

However, if you’re in need of a lot of storage then they may not be the best option. Floating TV consoles don’t come with shelves or drawers to utilize storage. But some of the best media consoless DO offer a little more storage than expected.

Best Floating TV Stands

Floating TV Stand



Our Opinion

Check Price

FITUEYES Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console Wood Grain


Best for Affordability

South Shore 9029676 Floating Wall Mounted Media Console


Best for Modern Design

Prepac BCAW-0200-1 Altus Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console


Best for The Movie Collector

After you weigh the pros and cons of a floating entertainment center, you can start to shop around for the best of the best! If you don’t have the time to read hundreds of reviews, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of the top three floating TV stands on the market right now!

FITUEYES Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console Wood Grain for Xbox one /PS4/ vizio/Sumsung/Sony TV DS210001WBBest for Affordability!

FITUEYES Wall Mounted Media Console Modern Floating TV Stand Shelf

Why Should You Consider This Floating TV Cabinet?

Reviewers for this product love how great the FITUEYES looks floating underneath their televisions. Some customers raved about how you can’t see chords, and even love how their living rooms look so much more open with the added floor space! The majority of the reviews were really satisfied with the quality they received, for the price that they paid!

What Makes The FITUEYES Wall Mounted console Unique?

The FITUEYES Wall Mounted console is one of the most affordable and elegant floating TV stands on the market. Because of the clean design and the low price, this makes our list as our number one pick!

Great for any room, the FITUEYES comes in both black and brown. The multiple shelves and side panels make for excellent storage, as well as great accessibility for DVD and BLU-RAY players. Not to mention a lot of space for picture frames, or large speakers on the top of the model!

Not only do cutouts allow for hiding cables easily, but it also includes a sturdy metal hanging system!

Comes In 2 Sizes

Additionally, it comes in TWO difference sizes! There is a medium size, as well as a large size, with the price difference only being twenty dollars!

All in all, the FITUEYES has a functional design for a remarkably low price!

What Are the Dimensions Of The FITUEYES Wall Mounted TV Stand

M: 39.4″ (99.70 cm) x 11.8″ (29.97 cm) x 10.2″ (25.91 cm)

L: 47.2″  (119.88 cm) x 15.7″ (39.88 cm) x 10.2 (25.91 cm) in


Item is approximately 36.3 pounds (16.47 kg). Wall mount holes are approximately 16” (40.64 cm) apart.

What Are The Pros

  • Price Range
  • Two difference Sizes
  • Color Choices
  • Room for movies, magazines, as well as books
  • Easy assembly

What Are The Cons

  • Made from particle board
  • Mounting takes a bit of time

Is The FITUEYES Wall Mounted TV Stand For You?

This wall mounted TV stand makes our number one pick for the design elements that come with the price of the unit! Because of how easily it can be mounted, assembled, and made a part of your entertainment system, the FITUEYES floating TV stand is a great choice for those on a budget. Not recommended for individuals who have never done a DIY project. In Short, a great stand, with lots of storage options, for an amazing price. Click here to see customer reviews and price on Amazon.

South Shore 9029676 Floating Wall Mounted Media Console, Pure White, 56”Best for Modern Design!

South Shore 9029676 Floating Wall Mounted Media Console, Pure White

Why Should You Consider This South Shore Floating Wall Mounted Console?

Product consumers for the South Shore floating media console really loved how amazing it looked in their homes. They also really enjoyed how simple the assembly instructions were to follow, as well as how easy it was to hang on their studs themselves! The more handy customers were really happy with how simply it mounted on their studs, with only a few extra drywall anchors.

Great Design For A Floating TV Stand

The South Shore floating TV stand has a sleek and modern design that will fit with any contemporary style. Not only does it come in three different colors (pure white, black oak, and chocolate/Zebrano), but it also has a surprising amount of storage!

Sliding doors allow for storage, without seeing any pesky chords or distracting Blu-Ray covers!

Additionally, this floating TV cabinet is made with non-toxic laminated particle board and meets all of the North American safety standards.

Comes In Different Sizes To Choose From

Furthermore, the South Shore console comes in both a 56” (142.24 cm) size model and a 38” (96.52 cm) model! The two sizes make for slew of choices to fit any room. Not to mention it comes with a five-year limited guarantee by the manufacturer and comes with a metal hanging system for optimal security!

What Are the Dimensions Of The South Shore 9029676 Floating TV Stand

56” Size Model: 17.2″ (43.69 cm) x 56.2″ (142.75 cm) x 12″ (30.48 cm). Weight limit is approximately 165 lbs (74.84 kg). Product weighs approximately 70 lbs (31.75 kg).

38” Size Model: 17.2″ (43.69 cm) x 37.8″ (96.01 cm) x12″ (30.48 cm). Weight limit is approximately 110 lbs (49.9 kg). Product weighs approximately 46 lbs (20.86 kg).

What Are The Pros

  • Modern and clean design
  • Instructions clear
  • Mounts sturdily
  • Easy Assembly
  • More than one color, as well as more than one size!

What Are The Cons

  • Only three holes for chords
  • No extra hardware included

Is This South Shore Media Console For You?

This makes our list of the best floating media consoles because the South Shore console is sleek, modern, and astoundingly beautiful! Great for those who want to keep a more contemporary look in their homes! Not recommended for anyone who doesn’t like the modern aesthetic. Overall, a really great piece for any room looking to add a bit more stylish appeal! Click here to see customer reviews and prices on Amazon.

Prepac BCAW-0200-1 Altus Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console, BlackBest for The Movie Collector!

Prepac BCAW-0200-1 Altus Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console

Why Should You Consider This Wall Mounted Floating TV Stand?

Reviews for the Prepac Altus floating TV stand are resoundingly positive about how easy it was to assemble and mount. They also loved how they could fit a plethora of Blu-Rays, DVDs, CDs, and still add their players and gaming devices! A few customers really liked that it could hold their televisions as well, so that they didn’t have to mount the TV on the wall.

Stylish and Simple Design

Our number three pick for the best floating TV stands is the Prepac Altus Wall mounted console! Not only is this stylish and simple design great for any living room, but it is also great for holding all your movies!

Many Options In Size and Color

The Prepac Altus comes in not one, but two sizes! Not to mention it comes in black, white, espresso, and drifted grey color options. With a simple design and lots of color choices, this wall mounted TV cabinet is great for any décor!

What Is Prepac BCAW-0200-1 Altus Made Of?

Made from composite wood, this media shelf can hold up to 118 Blu-Rays! Additionally, the product is constructed from non-toxic, and laminated materials for extra durability and safety. Coupled with the fact the Prepac Altus has a great price point, this product is durable, affordable, AND great for storing your cinematic collection!

What Are the Dimensions Of The Prepac BCAW-0200-1 Altus TV Stand?

Small Model: 48.5″ (123.19 cm) x 16.7″ (42.41 cm) x 17″ (43.18 cm). Hidden wire capability. Weight 54.2 lbs (24.58 kg). Limits: 90 lbs (40.82 kg) on the top shelf;20 lbs (9.07 kg) on the middle shelves. 20 lbs (9.07 kg) on the lower shelves.

Big Model: 58.2″ (147.83 cm) x 16″ (40.64 cm) x 16.8″ (42.67 cm) inches. Weight 55 lbs (24.95 kg). Limits: 90 lbs (40.82 kg) on the top shelf; 20 lbs (9.07 kg) on the middle shelves.20 lbs (9.07 kg) on the lower shelves.

What Are The Pros

  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • Variety of colors, as well as sizes
  • LOTS of storage
  • Can hold up to 90 lbs (40.82 kg) television

What Are The Cons

  • Open design, therefore you can’t hide DVDs/Blu-Rays
  • Mounting bracket is visible

Is This Prepac Wall-Mounted Console For You?

Highly recommended for the movie lovers who like to display their collection! At a reasonable price point, this floating TV console makes an excellent addition to your home. Not for people who can’t stand seeing their chords, movies, or devices. Altogether, a great purchase for the cinema lover and gamer! Click here to see customer reviews and prices on Amazon.

Which Of These 3 Floating TV Stands Is Best For You?

With these reviews, there is a wide variety of options for you to choose from the best floating TV stands! From the sleek and modern designs, to the storage capabilities, to the affordability, you can find exactly what you need!

General FAQ

What Is A Floating TV Stand?

A floating tv stand is the supporting structure for your tv that it’s not viewable to the viewer. It’s built in such a way so that the supporting framework and wires are not visible

What Are The Pros Of A Floating TV stand?

It Is Safer for Children, it saves space, it is more mobile for viewing purposes. Lastly it is minimalist and modern

What Are The Cons Of A Floating TV stand?

There is no storage space and it’s harder to hide excess wires

Why To Buy A Floating TV Stand?

You should buy a floating TV stand when you want to save space and children safety is an issue

Why Not To Buy A Floating TV Stand?

You should not buy a floating TV stand if you need a lot of storage and you need to hide excess wires

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