Repair Or Replace: What Is A Home Appliance Warranty and What Can You Get From It?

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Homeowners work hard to purchase appliances to make their life convenient. If they show signs of needing some repair, they usually call licensed technicians for the job. But sometimes, errors or accidents happen with the appliances.

Legitimate companies offer service contracts to homeowners called home appliance warranties to cover these damages. But what exactly is it, and how does it work? 

What Is A Home Appliance Warranty? 

A home warranty is an individual contract that may include coverage for all the parts and components of home appliances. The service company you trust will provide a qualified technician to diagnose and make recommendations for either replacement or repair. 

Moreover, a home appliance warranty works similarly to a manufacturer’s warranty. The difference is how you can buy it from another company other than the manufacturer. This type of warranty covers appliance repairs once the confirmation from the manufacturer ends. They have plans amounting to about 15% of the cost of the appliance. Appliance warranties are also called home maintenance plans or appliance protection plans. 


What Does a Warranty Cover?  

If you’re doing a home improvement project, part of wanting to save money is to research the cost of appliances. You will also have to find out more about the warranty that comes with them. Appliance warranties are also offered by home warranty companies and cover whatever additional appliances are in your home. They are optional items like the following: 

  • Clothes Washer and Dryer 
  • Refrigerator 
  • Microwave 
  • Dishwasher 
  • Trash Compactor 
  • Garage Door Opener 
  • Ovens 
  • Ranges 

The prices of warranties will depend on the type of appliances you have, your warranty provider, the coverage type you want, and your location. Typically, it can cost between USD$25 for smaller appliances.  However, it may cost as much as USD$600 per year for larger ones, or up to USD$50 per month. 

Appliances today are also built differently. Some washers and refrigerators can cost up to USD$3,000 with expensive parts such as computer boards. They can range from USD$200 to USD$300 per component. The parts tend to be more costly because their energy-efficient features quickly break down. Although having a home warranty, will help you save more money in the long run.  

How Does this Type of Warranty Work?  

Suppose you’re enjoying the use of your favorite appliance. Maybe it’s when you’re cooking your favorite meal or doing chores using the washer and dryer. While operating, one of them stops outside of the manufacturer’s warranty.  

The plan you’re paying for can cover the repair or replacement of the appliance. You don’t need to pay out of your pocket, which is useful when you’re out of cash on hand. Companies will offer monthly and annual charges, depending on what you can afford. Other factors will also depend on unexpected maintenance of appliances or mechanical appliances.  

When you have a home appliance warranty, you don’t need to worry when your appliance suddenly stops working. You can request an appointment with your warranty company by going online or calling the office number. A professional representative or technician of the company will check your damaged appliance. There’s also a possibility you might need to pay a small fee which is determined by your coverage. Depending on the terms, they will replace the appliance if it can’t be fixed.  

Benefits That Home Appliance Warranties Can Bring 

Some perks come with having an appliance warranty. Different providers may have various offerings, but they may render at least a few of the following advantages: 

  • Easily File A Claim: You can file a claim anytime at the comfort of your home. Providers accept claims 24/7, making it easier to ask for an in-home service appointment.
  • Set A Convenient Schedule: Anyone with a busy schedule will still find it easy to set an appointment online because they’ll come at your preferred time.  
  • Early Triage And Diagnosis: Depending on how you contacted them, experts affiliated with the warranty provider will quickly identify what could be wrong with your appliance and what they can use to repair it.   
  • Expert Troubleshooting: Experts working on appliances will have encountered various brand models. There are times when they can solve the problem without a service call.
  • Quality Service: When you file for a claim, expect the provider to work with trained and licensed technicians with credible experience.  
  • Updates In Real-Time: Your warranty provider is likely to give a status on your file claim through your email or a call.   

Home Appliance Warranty for Peace of Mind!

Home appliance warranties are contracts you can get if the original manufacturer’s warranty is not available anymore. You can inquire about this warranty when you’re buying from an appliance store or by doing your research.

It’s essential to consider some factors when choosing a provider. What you want is expert service and value for money. Read reviews so you can find the best warranty provider in your area.  

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