3+1 Best Kids Folding Table and Chairs Sets Review (UPDATED 2022)

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Updated Jan 5, 2022

While it may not seem like the most important decision to make for your child, investing in the right kids folding table and chairs set can actually be very important to their growth and development.

The list below shows our recommendations for the best kids folding table and chairs set. Continue reading to find out which folding set is the best for you and if you want to see the best kids table and chairs in general check this review!





Our Opinion

Check Price

Selva 5 Pcs Multicolor Folding Table Chair Set


Editor’s Choice

Flash Furniture Kids Colorful 5 Piece Folding Table and Chair Set


#1 Bestseller

Globe House Products Iron MDF PVC Sponge Blue Kids Folding Table with Upholstered Chair


Most Practical

Kid Folding Table And Chairs Set With Umbrella Seat Canopy


Most Fun Design

Cosco Kid’s 5 Piece Folding Chair and Table Set


Best Value for Money

Flash Furniture Kids Colorful 5 Piece Folding Table and Chair Set – #1 Bestseller

The set’s measurements are: chair height is 12 inches (30.5cm), table height is 20 inches (50.8cm).

Many kids table and chairs sets that are available nowadays are considered to be relatively plain and simple. Oftentimes they lack the fun and intrigue that can make a kids table and chairs set truly enjoyable to use.
This Flash Furniture Kids Colorful 5 Piece Folding Table and Chair Set is the number one best seller on Amazon for a reason. It’s colorful, unique and practical and will allow kids to enjoy endless hours of fun.
The set is ideal for a plethora of child-friendly activities. The easy-to-wipe surface makes it ideal for messy activities such as coloring, painting and playing with arts and crafts. It’s also the perfect table and chairs set for indulging in more practical activities such as reading and eating. The table’s surface is also hard and sturdy, meaning that kids can enjoy using paper activities on it without fear of it ripping.
The foam padding on the bottom of the chair legs means that your floor won’t get damaged by the legs being dragged across the floor. While this set is ideal for younger children, it’s probably not the best option for kids older than 5-6 years; children any older than this will start to outgrow the set.


  • Easy to fold
  • Easy to clean and wipe down
  • Sturdy – can hold up to 70lb
  • Foam padding on seats for ultimate comfort
  • Easy to assemble/put away
  • Easy to move and store away
  • Metal chairs may be heavy for children to lift/move
  • Height of table and chairs are not adjustable

Globe House Products Iron MDF PVC Sponge Blue Kids Folding Table with Upholstered ChairMost practical

The set’s measurements are: Dimension of table: length is 23.5″ (59.69c ), width is 20″ (50.8cm), height is 29.5″ (74.93cm), Dimension of chair: width is 17.5″ (44.5cm), depth is 18″ (45.72cm), height is 31″ (78.74cm), Seat size: length is 15″ (38.1cm), width is 15.5″ (39.37cm), Back size of chair: length is 17.5 (44.5cm), width is 14.5″ (36.83cm), Height from seat to ground is 17.5″ (44.5cm).

Weight limit on chairs is 220lb (99kg)

This kids table and chairs set is our pick for the ‘most practical’ set featured on this list.

Without compromising on style or design, the Globe House Products blue folding table and chair set is sturdy, convenient and practical. The stunning blue seat is fitted with a cushion that’s made from soft upholstery and stuffed with a sponge. Your child can enjoy comfort and practicality while they study, eat or get creative with this table and chair set.

It’s incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble too; meaning your child can do it with confidence and ease. The table is strong and sturdy, and you can rest assured that it won’t budge due to the soft black cushioning pads on the bottom of both the table and chair’s legs.

The Globe House Products kids table and chair set is ideal for both girls and boys and the striking color of both the chair and table is ideal for fun and formality.

Kids can easily get creative on the easy-to-wipe surface of the table and will enjoy sitting at the remarkably comfortable seat for hours on end.


  • Made from extremely strong and durable materials
  • Stylish design
  • Soft and comfortable seat
  • Little pads on the bottom of the table and chair for floor protection and added stability
  • Easy to clean and wipe


  • Not suitable for younger children
  • Requires screw to assemble it

Kid Folding Table And Chairs Set With Umbrella Seat CanopyMost fun design


The winner for ‘most fun design’ kids folding table and chairs set goes to this unique ladybug design.

Fully equipped with two foldable chairs, a circular table and umbrella canopy, this set makes the ideal companion for an outdoor camping or picnic trip.

The chair isn’t ideal for kids older than ages five or six as the chair legs and seats won’t support the weight of these children.

It is, however, ideal for younger children as the seats are made from comfortable material instead of hard plastic. The chair legs also come with cushioned padding on each of the four corners, making the whole set much more stable.

The table itself also has padded ends which help it stay firmly on the ground, even in windier conditions (if you decide to keep it outside). The ladybug umbrella slots neatly into a hole in the table. Younger children may require adult supervision to put it up as there are small clasps that little fingers can become trapped in.


  • Fun and unique design
  • Ideal for keeping children dry in the rain
  • Perfect for outdoors activities
  • Soft material on seats


  • Not ideal for children over the age of five or six
  • Not particularly suited for indoor use

Cosco Kid’s 5 Piece Folding Chair and Table Set – Best value for money

The set’s measurements are: table dimensions: height is 21.5″ (54.61cm), width is 24″ (60.96cm), depth is 24″ (60.96cm), dimensions of chairs: height is 22.6″ (57.4cm), width is 14″ (35.56cm), depth is 15.75″ (40cm).

This 5 piece folding chairs and table set for kids is our choice for best value for money.It’s probably the most sturdy and strong table in this guide. The steel material of the table and chairs make it practical for use both inside and outside.Both the table and chairs come with padded ends on the feet so that it remains firmly on the ground and won’t tip over easily. It’s recommended for children aged 8 and below but will require adult guidance and supervision in order to put the table together and fold the chairs away.

The table itself doesn’t actually fold down; instead, it has screw in legs which will require an adult to construct. You will also require a screwdriver in order to construct the table as it needs screws to fit it together. The chairs do fold away, however, making them easy to store away when needed.

The steel surfaces make it very easy to clean and practical for creative activities. The likes of paper aren’t likely to tear or rip due to the hard surface. The chairs are also made from steel so they’re not quite as comfortable as some other offerings on this list.


  • Strong and sturdy steel material
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Great for arts and crafts activities
  • Colorful design


  • The table has legs that screw in, they do not fold down
  • Not as comfortable material for the seating



When it comes to choosing the best kids folding table and chairs sets, you must ensure that you’ve weighed up all your options in order to pick the right one.

There are lots of things to consider, so here are the most important factors to think about when choosing the best kids folding table and chairs sets.


Arguably the most important factor to consider is whether your choice of kids folding table and chairs set is safe for children. This means taking care to check whether the table and chairs set can hold the weight of your child.

You should also check the kind of material that the set is made from; for example, if the table does break, will it leave sharp edges and exposed cracks that could be harmful to children?


The practicality of the table and chairs set is also something you must consider. The set must be easy to fold away and can be done by either a child or adult.

If the table doesn’t fold down, then this could mean that it’s not entirely ideal as you won’t be able to easily fold it away when you need to. Some of the sets featured above offer excellent foldable chairs, but some tables don’t fold down and instead, you have to unscrew the legs – something which isn’t very practical.

The practicality of the table and chairs set will also be down to whether it can be easily wiped clean or not. If your child is going to be taking part in lots of activities such as painting and coloring, then you need to make sure that you can easily clean the mess up.


Your new kids’ folding table and chairs set should be durable; meaning that it’s likely to last a long time.

If the table and chairs set is only suitable for children up to a certain weight, then you may wish to rethink your choice so that it can accommodate your child for a longer period of time. Many kids table and chairs sets aren’t cheap. So you have to ensure that it is durable so that your money lasts for a long time.

The durability of the set will be due to its material. A steel folding table and chairs set is likely to last longer than a wooden one for example. This is because if you’re keeping it outside then it won’t get wet and potentially rot away.


Another important factor to think about is the comfort of the set. While steel materials on the table and chairs may be good for practicality and artistic activities, they won’t be too comfortable.

A kids table and chairs set that has both steel material and soft padded cushions on the seats will make an excellent compromise so that your child is comfortable and can also enjoy the full use out of the set.

Child-friendly design

A child-friendly design is also something you should think about when investing in a new kids table and chairs set. While practicality, safety, and comfort are usually more important, it’s still nice to be able to treat your child to a design that’s suitable for them.

Brightly colored designs are often very popular with both kids and adults. They inject more fun into the table instead of just making it another part of the furniture.

Best Kids Folding Table and Chairs Set For Your Kids

Convenience is also another thing you must think about when purchasing the kids folding table and chairs set. Think about whether it is convenient to store away. You should also think about whether or not your child will be able to carry it themselves.

Heavy duty tables and chairs may prove to be better for outdoor use. But if you intend to keep it inside and would prefer your child to be able to carry the chairs themselves, then you must ensure that it’s convenient for use.

Best Folding Table and Chairs For Your Little Ones

We hope that this guide has helped you with your hunt for the perfect kids’ folding table and chairs set. We’ve included a number of features that you should look out for when buying your new kids set, as well as some of the products that we’d highly recommend.

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