Plants That Thrive In Bathrooms

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Do you know that one of the hottest home décors is putting houseplants in bathrooms?

Keeping plants in your bathroom may seem odd, but it comes with a lot of benefits. A bathroom filled with plants will look like a vacation destination in your home. Also, it will give your bathroom a touch of nature and turn it into a personal oasis.

There are plenty of houseplants’ options for a modern bathroom. It means whether your bathroom is sunny, darker, filled with natural light, or windowless, there is always a plant that will suit your bathroom’s condition. However, it is good to know the best plants that thrive in bathrooms before making a purchase.

Without further ado, why are plants suitable for your bathroom? How do you choose the right one? Also, what types of plants are perfect for your bathroom? Read on to find out!

How to Choose the Right Plants for Your Bathroom

Generally, the moist in your bathroom is suitable for plants. However, the temperature fluctuations are something you need to put into consideration. When you don’t use your bathroom for several hours, it will be cold, but when you are showering, it will be warm. Besides, lots of bathrooms do not allow for much sunlight resulting in a low-light condition.

Can your choice of plants survive such conditions? If it won’t, don’t go for it. Some tips that can help you pick the right plants for your bathroom are:

  • Go for the plants that work well with the natural light’s level in your bathroom
  • Choose the bathroom plants that will suit the level of care you are prepared for

Check this infographic from Modern Bathroom


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