6 Easy Steps To Install Sliding Glass Door

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If you’re a rookie handyman, installing a sliding door might not be as easy as you think. However, you can do it as long as you have the proper tools and some instructions. Sliding doors generally have one door that slides smoothly over the other. The sliding door usually has a rail system that is installed on the door frame or support. So how exactly do you go about installing these sliding doors? Here is a step-by-step instructional guide that will tell you about the best sliding door installation techniques.

First Thing First, Trim Cutting 

First of all, for interior and exterior trim cutting, use a utility knife to cut through the putty and paint, keeping the interior trim in place. Once you’ve cut the caulk, put a crowbar in the opening. Press down to separate the interior trim from the wall, pulling it slowly so you can remove any caulk, paint, or glue that may still be present. There may be staples that also hold the top of the trim to the side pieces. Repeat the same steps for the exterior trim.

The Tools You Will Need:

One threshold, one corner anchor, one head post, two side uprights, two 10 x 1½” Philips pan head screws and two 10 x 3 ” Phillips pan head screws, threshold coverage, one active weatherstrip holder, twelve 10 × 3 ” pan head screws, twelve 10 x ¾ ”pan head screws, one-panel anchor, two active panel hole plugs, and one head plug.

Measure Your Door Frame

Measure the center of the door opening, above the door frame, and place a mark there. See instructions for the required height above the door and recommended floor clearance.

Remove the Drywall to Expose the Frame

Remove the interior trim around the old door and measure the width of the “rough opening”, the distance between the studs, and the height from the floor to the joist. Make sure to measure the frame right next to the old door jamb. You may need to cut the sticking drywall to access it. To check the height, be sure to measure to the ground. In other words, measure the wood or concrete that the door sill sits on and not a secondary layer of particle board or plywood.

Attaching the Ridges with Supports 

Secure the ridge to the support by applying the sealant to the flatter ends of the sill, then secure the side support to the ridge through the pre-drilled holes with three 10 x3/4” screws. It is advisable to start with the center screw and then go out. Repeat this procedure on the opposite side. Make sure the foam pads are in place before you begin to assemble the frame.

Make a frame

Bedroom Door

Apply the two 47 “pieces of lumber to make the horizontal brackets on the inner frame. When you install them, they should divide your door horizontally into three, approximately 32” apart. Apply wood glue where two pieces of wood meet and secure with screws. In each section, cut and add 31 “pieces of 1 x 2” plank to tie into the horizontal 47 “pieces to create more support. This will give structure to your door. Center the frame in the opening and screw it into place, using a level and shims to balance it. Check that the frame is square and make final adjustments when installing the fixed panel.

Adjust the Sliders/Rollers

Utilize the screwdriver to turn the sliders/rollers adjusting screws to the right or left. Keep doing this until the panel moves easily on the track. This cannot happen if the panel is not level, so make sure the panel is adjusted so that it is straight with the frame. You can also take help from local sliding doors installation services for this last step.

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