Best Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Rustic Sanctuary

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Whilst going through a vast amount of research and colour swatches on how to renovate my house into a rustic haven, I was instantly hooked on the inspiring rustic interior of the dwellings in Utah. 

Not only is Utah known for its winter sport, low crime rate, growing economy and it’s iconic landmarks. This state is also known for the historic architectural styles.

When thinking about the interior of a houses Utah your mind instantly drifts to mountains, lakes, ranches, canyons and overall natural beauty. That feeling of undisturbed peace, right? This is the feeling I want when I enter my home. I would even urge you to go ahead and have a look at homes for sale in Utah. You might feel like investing in a property after having a look at these enchanting structures, who knows?

The charismatic style that the interior designs are evolving into is creating a statement of its own. The vast variety of landscapes makes it remarkably easy to change a house into a fashion statement. Keeping that in mind, I am sure that every house has an area that is not being utilized to its full potential. This is what makes the styles and trends of Utah homes the best candidate to show how we are able to transform that dull uninspired space into a masterpiece to boast about. The main reason I decided to share my journey into the new and modern atmosphere of Utah’s idyllic home interiors is because of the inspiring trends. Options range from ranches, mountain escapes or log cabins next to the lake to get creative with. This gives you the enchanting feeling of being on holiday while not being on holiday in your own home with that rustic feel of serenity.

So let’s start renovating.


It is of the utmost importance that you choose the correct lighting or light fixture for the correct area. Ditch the outdated chandeliers and start replacing them with big solid lighting, fixtures in odd shapes, sizes and textures adding a modern flair but still keeping the traditional feel of the area. Lighting in your house can alter the feel of any situation being it a romantic, relaxing, or even just suitable for reading purposes. The correct light in the correctly placed area can, and does, make a huge difference placed in an appropriate area. A good idea is to try and utilize as much natural light as possible. If you plan on using a lot of wood the natural light will accent the tones

Contrasting Tones of Wood, Stone and Cladding

Why leave the hardwood on the kitchen floor? Try using contrasting tones of wood on the ceiling and floors. This idea will give your house a naturalistic yet polished feel. If you are looking for that ‘mountain feel’ this would be the perfect way to dress the space you chose to mix and match your tones. It can be a daunting task for the unexperienced decorator. Start with your dominant wood tone and bring in your other pieces to match. If you have wooden floors this would serve as your starting point. If you have bulky wooden furniture, use that as your starting point.  Add cladding or other stone materials to match wooden items. These aspects accentuate the wood and create a more modern feeling.

Pick Your Colours

Start off with a neutral colour and build from there. Blue, orange even a splash of pink would look spectacular in your newly renovated ‘Utah inspired home’. Rustic homes with neutral tones look stunning with a splash of red and orange. You can add a bit of copper to bring in the traditional feel. The aim is to keep your spaces relaxing, yet fresh and at the same time modernizing the room. Bold colours make a statement. Too many colours will really take your revamping to the next level but not in a good way.

Making a Fireplace a Feature is a Must

Fire Place

If you are lucky enough to own a fireplace, use it as a focal point. Winter is a wonderful season but the cold is not everyone’s forte. A fireplace should make a statement. Don’t think of your fireplace as just a storage place for the wood you just chopped down, make it a feature. Why? Because you can. Conventional ribbon fireplace elements paired with dramatic stone walls is a sleek duo.

Combination of Décor

Keep sentimental furnishings and throw in a sleek innovative piece, or a few, into the mix to give your home a new and modern feel. A rustic feel is predominantly wood and stone-based, but the odd eclectic art piece or modern sculpture will fit your vision. Let the contrasting of wood and sleek fireplace be your guide. Combining different shapes and textures is great.   

Bold Bathrooms

Matching stone walls with heavy wooden furniture gives your bathroom the feeling of life on a ranch. Using natural elements like stone, wood and earthy tones in your bathroom gives you the perfect rustic look. Using modern and traditional décor and fixtures is an absolute must. Choose your pieces wisely though. It is very easy to go overboard with too much of the bulky items and losing sight of the detail

Last But Not The Least… High or Vaulted Ceilings

Cathedral ceilings, also known as vaulted ceilings, are high and has equally sloping sides that form an upside-down V, at the highest point possible. It is attached directly to the roof trusses and rises all the way up to the top of the house, usually soaring to 15 feet or higher (yes this is as per Google so that we have the precise picture)

This really is one of my favourite features when walking into a room. Let the ceiling beams or rafters stand out by leaving them to tell their own story or paint them. Either black or white. White will open up a room and make it seem bigger.

Your Imagination is Important

Before you start make sure that you factor in the top home renovation mistakes to avoid. Turning your home into a rustic house means no straight lines, bulky furniture, stand out art pieces, stone, heaps of imagination and fun ideas. Natural elements and earthy tones are the foundation to start your renovating process. Happy renovating!

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