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Updated Jan 5, 2022

Looking for the best desk with hutch?

Planning your home office means figuring out the perfect type of desk you’ll need. It has to be beautifully designed, it has to have extra storage, and it has to be functional! Your home office desk with hutch is going to make your work day so much easier!

Your Desk needs to have places for office accessories, storage options, and excellent design will smash all of your previous desks out of the water. We’ve taken all the work out of searching for your perfect desk, so you can get down to business and bring home the best choice.

Buying Guide for Your New Computer Desk

Our selections are well made, have excellent customer reviews, and provide you with various options. There are some with a larger work space, while another may be more affordable. We have combed through the web to find the best storage, prices, and desktop spaces to come up with these three top selections!

Our top three desk choices with hutches will provide the very deals and desktops you’re looking for! Here is a quick buying and shopping guide so that you can search for the right desk design for you!

Finding a Functional Desk

You need a desktop that will work for your needs. Whether you want an open concept desk, or would prefer hutches with cabinets, it needs to be functional for YOU. A high-quality desk will have lots of computer space, as well as workspace, even with hutches.

desktop work

Functionality may also include fitting into your workspace. If your office doesn’t have the room for hutches of certain height and depth then don’t try to force it. Shop for a desk that provides you with easy organization and allows you to store all your office needs.

Room for Office Supplies and Decor

Shopping for a great desk means realizing how much you have to store, as well as how much you may need in the future. You may look at your previous, cluttered desk and wonder how you even got on without hutches or extra cabinets!

That being said, you need to shop for a desk and hutch that will give you all of the storage you need. Whether you want to store pictures, or have page after page of paperwork to neatly place, you definitely need more room for office supplies and decor.

Saving Money On Shipping

Shipping and handling can really add up with larger furniture purchases. If you’re looking to save money, or find good deals, do NOT forget to add the cost of shipping such a large item to your home or office. You can normally find details for shipping when you are finished shopping at checkout.

A good way to find out the cost of shipping is to check customer reviews. Shipping is a big addition to your final cost, and if it has low shipping costs, then most reviews will mention that. Not only customer reviews, but the checkout page on the website typically has all of that information.

Building Materials and Time

Building materials are very important things to consider as you shop for your desk. Not only should you find high-quality wood, metal, or other materials, but you should also consider how you will be using it. A good metal hinge on cabinet doors, as well as good finishes and wood can make all the difference.

Not only should you shop for good building materials, but also how much time it may take you to put the desk together. Most customer reviews will state how many hours it may ACTUALLY take to assemble your desk.

Top 3 Best Home Office Desks with a Hutch

We’ve scoured the internet and put together an amazing list of office desks we know you’ll love. Classic designs, plenty of room for work, as well as being easy on the wallet, we won’t leave you empty-handed. Here are our top three picks for the best home office desk with a hutch brands on the market!

Home Office Desk



Our Opinion

Check Price

Sauder 415109 Harbor View Computer Desk with Hutch


Best for Storage

Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Desk with Hutch


Best for Added Bonuses

Sauder 418649 Orchard Hills Desk with Hutch


Best for Affordability

Sauder 415109 Harbor View Computer Desk with Hutch  – Best for Storage!

What Buyers Like

The reviews for this desk rave about how absolutely gorgeous this desk is. Lots of comments about how structurally sound the desk is after it is completely assembled.

Several comments about how customers loved all of the little added shelving options, as well as how it appears to be extremely solid!

Our number one pick for best home office desk with a hutch is the beautiful Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk with Hutch and bookshelf! For an extremely reasonable price, you can get one of the most beautiful and well-crafted desks on the market. Just throw in a great desk chair, and you’re on your way to the home office of your dreams!

Loaded with lots of places to store items for your at home business, this piece will be a great addition to your home office. You will find three drawers, the bottom, largest drawer has full extension slides for European sized hanging files. There is a slide-out keyboard shelf located under the main topper, as well as a ventilated CPU tower door!

The Salt Oak finish on the Harbor View desk is absolutely beautiful. You can also get it in Antiqued White and Antiqued Black paint. It can fit almost any style of home decor well, as well as adding lots of desktop space to fit any room.

Additionally, the desk comes with quick and easy assembly instructions to go along with the patented slide-on moldings! Easy to shop for, fits any style, even has a dedicated space for your computer. All in all, a wonderful home office desk with a hutch for your work space!


Product Weight: 185 lbs (83.91 kg). Overall: 57.36″ (145.69 cm) H x 62.21″ (158.01 cm) W x 23.5″ (59.69 cm) D

Best Home Office Desk with Hutch


  • Excellent price
  • Lots of extra shelving
  • Large drawers with stoppers
  • Decent shipping time
  • Low shipping cost


  • Long, however very easy, assembly time
  • Heavy

Final Verdict

We like the Suader Harbor View Computer Home Office Desk with a Hutch for our number one pick because it is affordable, well-crafted, and has excellent storage options!

However, we don’t recommend this product for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to put it together! Searching with more filters for assembly time would be helpful. All in all, an excellent piece to start off our list of the best home office desks with a hutch!


Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Desk with HutchBest for Added Bonuses!

What Buyers Like

Not only did buyers like the extra work space for their multiple monitors, or heavy workload, but they also loved the overall look of the desk!

People also loved the desktop space, price, the amount of shelves for pictures and supplies, not to mention plants and other decor!

Coming in at number two on our list is the Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Home Office Desk with a Hutch! This large desk not only has lots of open work space, but a LOT of storage options as well. Moreover, this isn’t just a quality built desk for your home office, it comes with a ton of added extras!

You can use the integrated 4-port USB hub to keep your devices charging while you get your to do list done! There’s an easy access electronics soft storage tray, a concealed storage cabinet with a stylish fluted glass door. Additionally, this well-crafted desk comes in Espresso Oak, Heather Gray, and Harvest Cherry color choices. Shop any style to fit your decor and at a great price!

Shelves provide lots of storage options for this home office desk with a hutch! The box drawer and open storage cubbies can not only store your office supplies, but your plants and picture frames as well! Altogether, an amazing option for your home office.


Product Dimensions: 59.5″ (151.13 cm) x 59.5″ (151.13 cm) x 66.5″ (168.91 cm). Product Weight: 203 lbs (92.08 kg)

Best Home Office Desk with Hutch


  • Extra work space
  • Bonus features
  • Durable
  • Storage options
  • Hutch can go on either side


  • Some reports of missing screws, as well as missing pieces
  • Long assembly time

Final Verdict

The Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Home Office Desk with a Hutch is our number two pick because of the 4-port USB connection, the soft paneled electronics shelve, the added glass doors, as well as the overall look of this desk!

Furthermore, we don’t recommend this desk to anyone who doesn’t have a few extra screws laying around. Or if you want cabinets that close, as this only has drawers and no cabinets. All in all, an amazingly spacious desk, with lots of bonus features to make your work day that much more luxurious!


Sauder 418649 Orchard Hills Desk with Hutch Best for Affordability!

What Buyers Like

The people who purchased this desk loved how well it fit into their bedrooms, small apartments, or shared spaces easily. Not only that, but they loved how easy the assembly instructions were to follow! Not to mention the good sized drawers.

Furthermore, people who bought this home office desk with hutch were extremely happy with the color options! And since color has a big impact on our happiness, it’s a great thing those customers liked their new home office desk with hutch!

Our number three pick is the most affordable, the Sauder Orchard Hills Home Office Desk with a Hutch has so much to offer! The computer desk has a standing CPU cabinet for your desk top computer, as well as a slide-out keyboard and mouse shelf. Additionally, this home office desk comes in two different color options, Milled Cherry and Carolina Oak.

This not so pricey home office desk has a hutch that has three vertical shelves, as well as one longer shelf across the top. This way you not only have room for office materials, but you can also decorate it practically to make your home office desk a little more stylish! All in all, the Sauder Orchard Hills is a great piece for all your home office needs!

No need to keep shopping if you’re trying to find something that will let you store your photos, plenty of computer space, all while not costing a lot of money and the shipping is fast! Most users were happy with how quickly it shipped, saying the shipping was quicker than expected.


Product Dimensions: 42.6″ (108.2 cm) x 19.4″ (49.28 cm) x 56.3″ (143 cm). Product Weight: 102 pounds (46.27 kg)

Best Home Office Desk with Hutch


  • Affordable
  • Easy assembly
  • Great for small rooms
  • Great customer service
  • Fast Shipping


  • No screens larger than 32” (81.28 cm)
  • Long assembly time

Final Verdict

The final pick for our best home office desk with hutch list is the Sauder 418649 Orchard Hills Desk with Hutch because it is an amazing desk for an extremely affordable price! Well-crafted, easy to assemble, and it can even fit in smaller office spaces!

However, we don’t recommend this desk for anyone who needs a lot of desk top room while they work! You can’t really keep a page or two of work lying out AND have space to get things done. Luckily, the piece is light, shipped quickly, and doesn’t cost a lot of money!

The Best Home Office Desk with Hutch Options for You!

When it comes to narrowing down our search for the best home office desk with hutch options, we looked into price, durability, design, and storage. Now that you’ve got these amazing options, you can choose the best desk for your home office!

Final Verdict for Your Needs

Looking on our page for something that doesn’t cost a lot of money, has fast shipping, and has high customer reviews then the Sauder Orchard Hills is for you! It has good depth, and ideal for small working spaces. This could even work well height wise, and size wise for a small kitchen area!

If you want something with lots of computer room, great space to store all your work materials, then search no further than the Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped desks. Great customer reviews overall. Good deals, great shipping times, no matter your country, and an excellent find as far as hutches go!

Buy the Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk for an easy to build plan. Great for computer space, to store all of your office needs, as well as provide your office with a beautiful design piece. The height, finish options and open shelving are ideal for any office space.

No matter what previous desk deals you have seen, shopping for desks with hutches and great design options has never been easier!


Does a Desk with Hutch Have Bookshelves?

Simply use more filters when it comes to searching for a hutch’s measurements. This will help you see if your books and supplies will fit.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping across the country for larger items may range between $300 to $1,000. While some companies include shipping in your initial costs.

Can I Get any Shaped Desk with a Hutch?

Most desks with hutches will have certain depth requirements. Beyond that, however, you can get any shape you prefer!

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