Practical Furniture Pieces to Create the Perfect Work-from-Home Environment

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Over the last couple of months, quite a large number of people have found themselves working remotely, many of them on a hybrid basis, permanently, and a large number are working from home indefinitely. With that said, having a designated work area somewhere in your home is critical to performing at an optimum level. 

There are a few ways to create that work-from-home oasis, by introducing work-from-home relevant accessories from furniture stores Lombard IL. Unfortunately, not every home has the luxury of having a designated office or a “study,” 

Finding a comfortable spot in the corner of the bedroom or living space is the best many can do. Here are a few practical furniture pieces that can help create the perfect work-from-home environment. 

The Perfect Desk

One of the primary pieces you need in your workspace is a desk, and depending on the size of your working space, that will determine the size of the desk you can get. Another thing to consider when searching for the perfect desk is location, and the best spot to place a work desk is a corner space. 

Getting a corner desk allows you enough room for a filing cabinet, computer, and other accessories. Another excellent choice for a work desk is a height-adjustable writing desk, particularly if you are short on space.   

Ergonomic Office Chairs

The most crucial piece of furniture in your home office space is an ergonomic office chair, without question. If you think about it, apart from your desk and computer, a chair is the single piece of equipment you spend all your work time using, sitting for hours. 

Everyone has their preferred comfort level when it comes to an office chair and getting it right could make a massive difference in the outcome of your workday. A good-quality office chair normally has lumbar support and armrests; however, other features can include a swivel and wheels for mobility.    

Side Table

Having a side table next to your main desk can have many uses that help you flow and style of work. If your job has equipped you with a landline for client calls and vendors, you can use the side desk for the landlines. 

Other uses of a side table could be pacing a critical file you will need throughout the workday, placing your cell phones for less distraction, or using extra lighting in the office. Alternatively, if the side table is big enough, you could add a comfortable chair to change the work scenery, and maybe take video conferences from the side table.   

Home Office Lighting

Home Office Lighting


A home office requires a few essentials for functionality and optimum productivity, and a desk lamp is just as important as an office chair. When shopping for a desk lamp, you need to consider the amount of time you will be spending while working through the night. 

Desk lights can be harsh on the eyes, so look for something bright enough to work on the dimmer side. Depending on the size of your workspace, you may need to get a pair of lights, equally distributing light throughout the station.  

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