Home Security Mistakes That Make Your Home A Target for Intruders

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Your home security is one of the most critical aspects of keeping your family safe and should be treated as such at all times. Over some time, home security should be re-evaluated and improved with technology to make it safer. 

Homeowners should always look for smart home security to improve their family’s safety. Whether you are a new homeowner or simply looking to enhance the security of your existing home, there are a few security mistakes to avoid making your house a target for intruders.   

Leaving windows and Doors Unlocked

 Leaving windows and Doors Unlocked


Locking your doors and windows may seem like a no-brainer and an easy task to consistently.  However, sometimes you may forget to lock the window deadlock or backyard entrance door. 

During hot summer seasons, you may leave the doors and a few windows around the house open to let fresh air in, and if you forget to close them, you may leave the house exposed for burglars. 

There are a few ways to make sure, by physically double-checking, and nowadays, smart home security systems allow you to use a smartphone to ensure your home is secured while you’re out.  

Not Securing the Garage Door

The garage is one of the easiest target areas of your home, in addition to windows and doors. Some garage doors are manually operated, while many homes have electronic-controlled garage doors operated by universal remotes. 

The electronic doors are not much safer than manual-controlled garage doors because burglars can easily modify root controls to access your home. To better protect your garage entrance, avoid leaving the garage motor and opener in a clear view. In addition to your electronic control, secure your garage door with a heavy-duty padlock. 

Poor Outdoor Lighting

Poor Outdoor Lighting


A burglar’s goal is to break in and out of a target house without being noticed and as quickly as possible. For this reason, a dark or partially lit yard is an easy target for burglars, or they are at least more likely to try dark homes. 

Ensure there are no blind spots around your home; install front light on your porch and floodlights around the property with motion sensors to save power when they are not needed. Motion detecting floodlights are a great security feature and should be considered when reviewing home security. 

No Security Visible Outside

As security systems improve, savvy burglars ensure they stay up to date, and a home with a visible and effective security system is a pass, and burglars will most likely avoid your home. 

Sometimes it’s not enough to install security devices to keep burglars from trying to break in; a security warning sign prevents any break-in attempts. It is just as important to avoid installing fake and inoperable security features, as clever burglars will know all about it, and shortchanging on home security is not a wise way to go about it. 

However, there are a few economical and traditional ways to keep your home secure, but always make sure they are fully operable and visible from the outside.

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