5 Smart Ways To Improve Your House Appearance

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Improving your house appearance without much in your pocket is difficult. However, there is always room for creativity. Here we have some smart ideas that can help you decorate your house enough to surprise your guests. 

These ideas are taken from some experienced Interior decorators. Letting you get an insight into how to make your house look elegant without breaking a budget. Here we will share with you ways of applying the formula of “the simpler the elegant” to your house. 

Take the time to keep reading – you will be amazed to read these simple tricks that can change the game of home decor for you.

1. Crown Molding Ideas 

We all know that fancy things require details. Adding details to your ceilings and walls with the help of crown molding will give your house a complete and fancy look. Otherwise, it is left incomplete and cheap-looking. Fortunately, crown molding is relatively inexpensive (especially the plastic, paintable versions), making it affordable for people with tight budgets. 

Another benefit of crown molding is its ability to get mold into any design with many widths to choose from. You can give your boring-looking walls a more elegant appearance by choosing the widest trim that your budget will allow. 

Add strips for the picture-framing look or add circles, which can later on painted with golden color against a dark background. Adding a fancy touch to your plain walls. For the ultimate in glamour, try adding all types of molding to your home, i.e. crown, high baseboard, ceiling beams, columns, ceiling medallions, chair rails, etc.

2.Creatively Make Exposed Pipes Chic

Plumbing and its maintenance play a vital role in your house. However, these exposed plumbing pipes can become a source of embarrassment and can ruin your house’s interior. Here we have a solution to this very problem of yours. 

According to an expert plumber like those of Plumber North hills ca, hiding pipes is quite an expensive work that makes people spend hugely from their budget. Although, instead of hiding them, decorating these pipes with creative additions can add value to the house. These ideas are mentioned below.

  • Go retro, show your pipes by adding industrial style golden or silver tint to them
  • However, you will need a lot of careful color coordination to make the exposed pipes stand out. For instance, neutral walls and earthy flooring with black or copper metallic pipes are a killer combo.
  • Add Decorative Wood Pipe Wrapping
  • You can buy both the wood pipe wrapping and optional pipe or post table on the exposed pipes.
  • Paint the pipes with vibrant colors

3. Use the powerful color contrasts

Use the powerful color contrasts


When painting a house the most difficult task lies in selecting the color schemes for your house. Especially, when the rest of the house setting is based on the color palette. Colors are very powerful, they can either add glamour to your house or can leave it to look dusty and worthless. 

However, if you are after elegance then go for neutrals. Avoid the use of bold or dramatic colors. Use soft colors. However, choosing colors is also more dependent on your personality. The neutral colors add space to your house and make it look more enlightened and sophisticated. 

Additionally, add a contrast of black entrance doors to your house. These hues allow you to add instant elegance to your home. If you choose this option, however, be sure to add some black accessories to the space to tie the overall design together.

4.Go Big With Art

Go Big With Art


Update your house walls with one statement piece. When you add a big-sized painting to the wall it gives a great impact on the wall as a whole. The idea of creating a gallery wall with all the artwork collected onto one wall can also add worth to your house. It will give your house an expensive-looking house. 

You can add frames to this gallery wall. Paint old frames and hang them. Giving it a fancy appearance.

5.Turn it gold

One of the most budget-friendly ideas is using golden spray paint. You can make a corner or a tray with things sprayed goldenly or update the look of a picture, a frame, vases, or trays. The golden color is an indication of royalty and is best for decorating your house.


Indeed, creativity is priceless and can give your house a luxurious appearance.

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