What To Consider When Installing A Wall Mount TV Stand

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When installing a wall mount TV stand, there are a number of things you should consider. From exactly where it’s going to go, to whether it’s actually safe to hang it from a particular place.

In this post I will talk about what to consider when installing a wall mount TV stand.

Wall mount TV stand considerations

wall mount tv stand


When installing a wall mount TV stand, your first point of call will be to decide exactly where you want to place it. Is it going to be in your living room or bedroom? Will its placement be accessible for everyone to see it?

You need to consider the logistics of placing it appropriately so that everyone can see the TV. You should also think about the height of the wall mount TV stand. If it’s higher up on the wall, then more people might be able to see it. It will also mean that it’s out of the reach of children.

However, depending on where your sofas and chairs are placed, for example, a wall mount TV stand that’s high up may not be best placed.

Is it maneuverable?

As well as thinking about the placement of your wall mount TV stand, you should also think about whether it is maneuverable or not.

For optimal viewing privileges, you should think about whether you can easily move the wall mount TV stand, or whether it’s just stuck in one place. Many wall mount TV stands allow you to pull them out from the wall but still, they are not as maneuverable as the wooden TV stands.

This means you can easily move your TV to ensure you get the best viewing angles for everyone.

Can you easily conceal the wires?

Another thing to consider when installing a wall mount TV stand is whether you can easily conceal the excess wires. Not only will your TV itself come with plenty of wires, but any additional consoles or devices will also be well equipped with long wires.

From things like DVD players and Xbox, you need to ensure that you can easily conceal the wires. Not only can loose wires be a danger to children and animals, but they’re also very unsightly.

When installing your TV stand, try and place it somewhere that you can hide the excess wires from sight.

Is your wall strong enough?

Another important thing to think about is whether your wall is strong enough to hold the stand and the TV. There are a number of ways that you can check the sturdiness of your wall to ensure that it can hold the weight of the TV stand.

If your desired wall isn’t strong enough then you should consider installing your wall mount TV stand elsewhere. Unsuitable walls can prove detrimental to the safety of your family.

This is because your TV stand and the TV itself could topple over, damaging not only the television but also anyone who might be stood or sat underneath it.

Are the ports accessible?

When installing a wall mount TV stand you should consider whether all the ports are accessible. This means seeing if all the necessary wires can reach the correct output sockets.

The place you’ve decided to hang your TV stand may not be suitable if all the ports cannot be reached. This means your TV won’t work probably if you cannot connect it to the correct output sources.

You should also consider its placement based on whether there are enough plug sockets in order to connect everything to a power source. Without this, you won’t be able to plug everything in and your TV won’t work properly.

wall mount tv stand

There are a number of considerations you need to think about when installing a wall mount TV stand. A good wall mount TV stand will not be able to be pulled over by young children or animals.

You also need to remember to place it on a wall that’s strong, sturdy and supportive. This is so that the wall can definitely hold the weight of the stand and the TV. A good wall mount TV stand will also be able to easily conceal the wires. If you are unable to do this in the desired placement of your TV stand, then you can invest in things to tie back wires to keep them out of sight.

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