Mattress Size Buying Guide For Beginners

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The size of your mattress plays a vital role in the comfort you can experience in your bedroom. If you end up buying a mattress which is too small for you, you’ll compromise comfort and lose sleep.

On the other side of the coin, when you buy a mattress that’s too big, you’ll take up valuable space in your bedroom, which could be used for other furniture.

This article can help you buy the right size mattress for your needs.

Aside from looking for great mattress deals to save money, it’s vital that you know which size to buy.

To make this process easier for you, consider the following information:

which is the best mattress for you?

  1. Full-Size Mattress (54 inches in width, 74 inches in length)

A full-size mattress is a staple among apartments, hotels, and hostels. Although this size of mattress is smaller than a Twin XL, its size is roomier, perfect for any homes.

Depending on the brand, a full-size mattress can cost anywhere from $450 to $950. If the size of your bedroom is about 10’ x 12’, a full-size mattress is an excellent choice for you.

A full-size mattress is ideal for everyone in the family – from a wee kid to an adult, and even for couples.

Even if a full-size mattress is usually advertised as the perfect fit for a single person, it’s still a great option for pet owners who wants to sleep with their furry friends.

Pros of A Full Size Mattress:

  • Affordable:

    You would never want to break the bank just because you’re buying a new mattress, right? If you’re looking for a size that wouldn’t cost much, buy a full-size mattress.

This mattress is cheaper than a queen mattress but can provide almost the same space and comfort.

  • Versatile:

    You can buy a full-size mattress in different styles and designs, making it easy for you to match the current theme of your bedroom.

Cons of A Full Size Mattress:

  • Size:

    Because a full-size mattress has short width and length, it might not be the best option for tall people or for those who like to sleep in distance with their partners.
  1. King Size Mattress (76 inches in width, 80 inches in length)

king size mattress

As the name suggests, this mattress allows you to sleep like a king. A king size mattress provides plenty of room for the sleeper, almost as large as two twin XL beds!

However, this type of mattress is somewhat expensive. Usually, a king-size mattress will cost at least $900 and can go up to $2000. If you’re eyeing to buy a king-sized mattress, make sure that your bedroom has enough space for it.

A king size mattress can be used by any household. This mattress can hold a couple and two small children, with enough room to play.

If you like to sleep all by yourself, you can have the liberty of sleeping in any position with a king-size bed; your options are endless.

This type of mattress can also be used by couples who like to sleep in some distance.

Pros of A King Size Mattress:

  • Size:

    Because of its size, a king-size mattress is perfect for anyone. It has enough space to accommodate couples, pet owners, and even small families.
  • Versatility:

    This size is common in every home depot store, making it easy for you to buy accessories and linens for it.

Cons of A King Size Mattress:

  • Price:

    The price of a king size mattress isn’t suitable for anyone, especially for couples who are still starting a family.
  • Installation:

    Its size will limit where it can be installed. Narrow hallways and small bedrooms can become an issue.
  1. Queen Size Mattress (60 inches in width, 80 inches in length)

For people who don’t like to sleep with too much space, a queen size mattress can be a good alternative. As long as your bedroom is at least 10’ x 10’, a queen size mattress can fit perfectly.

This bed size’s price can range from $800 to $1500, depending on the features and styles you want it to have.

A queen size mattress is suitable to be used in guest rooms and for tall people. Unlike a king-size mattress, a queen size mattress can fit any bedroom and make it feel cozier.

Pros of A Queen Size Mattress: 

  • Popular:

    This size is also popular. Finding appropriate accessories and linens for it will become a piece of cake.
  • Versatile:

    A queen size mattress can work in any type of bedroom and doesn’t require too much space.

Cons of Queen Size Mattress:

  • Size:

    Sleeping with more than two people or with your pets can feel tight in a queen size mattress.

Did These Tips Help You Pick the Right Mattress? 

With the number of options to choose from, buying the right sized mattress can be challenging for beginners.

Never waste time shopping for one by using this article as your guide. The more information you know about mattresses, the easier it’ll be for you to buy!

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