Your Guide to An Artfully Designed Baby Bedroom

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If you’re getting ready to have a baby, one of the biggest steps in preparing can be setting up the baby’s bedroom. You don’t have to sacrifice your space’s aesthetic just because there’s a new baby on the way, but you want to be sure that the nursery is as comfortable and welcoming to your bundle of joy as possible.

Check out our tips for making a beautiful baby bedroom to see how you can have it both ways!

Pick a consistent aesthetic.

One thing that good design has in common is consistence when it comes to the overall decorative aesthetic. If your pad has been designed in a bohemian and lighthearted way, or with traditional farmhouse accents, or maybe in Scandinavian minimalist style, the part that makes it great is that it all matches. Be sure you pick a vibe for the baby’s room and stick with it.

Baby room with art

Choose quality furniture

You want your baby to be living in a beautiful and welcoming space, and because babies spend most of their time lying down or sitting, you’re going to want to pack that space with comfortable and elegant furniture. Pick out a wooden crib made out of natural materials, with a comfortable bassinet for your little one to snuggle right into. Pair the crib with a rocking chair for your evening routine.

Include plenty of natural light

Your baby needs lots of sunlight to grow strong and healthy. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient no matter the age, but especially so when baby’s bones are developing so quickly! Plus, allowing in plenty of natural light will make your baby’s room more natural and airy, so both you and the baby will want to spend plenty of time in there. Be sure that you avoid fluorescent lights, as these can be damaging to babies’ sensitive eyes!

Pick the right decorations

Of course, the last thing you want in your artfully designed home is for there to be a bunch of hideous cartoon characters plastered on the walls of the baby’s bedroom. Luckily, decorations for your baby’s bedroom are not limited to such inane options. Pick out some cute, brandless stuffed animals, toys, decorative letter blocks, and paintings for babies. These will provide plenty of stimulation for the wee one without inundating them with branded content.

Don’t stop with the baby’s room

Of course, your baby won’t be totally restricted to their bedroom. You’ll want to let them roam about the house a bit, especially when they learn to crawl. Having baby stuff around the house may make it hard to keep up an artsy aesthetic, but it’s not impossible. Try to keep areas designated for the baby clean by using plenty of storage options, and keep fragile decorative pieces on higher shelves where the little tyke can’t reach. Consider adding fun, kid-friendly pieces too, like a bean bag chair!

Decorate baby's and child's rooms

Get some cute baby clothes

There are so many amazing lines of cute baby clothes out there. If you want your little one to fit the vibe of your artfully designed home, an easy way to do it is to pick out some cool, stylish baby clothes for your little infant. Snag some fly kicks, a snazzy shirt, and maybe even an adorable little hat to really make your child as artfully designed as the décor of your home!

Accept the change

At the end of the day, having a baby is a huge change to your life – maybe one of the biggest you’ll ever experience. A huge part of having a kid is sacrificing a lot of the time you used to spend on your own lifestyle and home design and putting that time toward raising your offspring. The best thing you can do is accept that, and know that raising a little human can be incredible rewarding.

So What Kind of Artsy Baby Bedroom Will You Design?

Designing an artful baby bedroom is as easy as keeping an eye out for details, maintaining a consistent and appealing design aesthetic, choosing the best furniture, and having fun along the way. These are our ideas for making the most artful and beautiful space for your baby! If you have any other ideas, leave a reply, or share on social media.

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