3 Soothing Water Features to Increase Garden Relaxation

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The calming effects of water are well known; from listening to waves lapping on the beach to the gentle babble of a stream. In our busy modern lives, you can create a haven of calm just outside your back door to escape to and relax. Whether you want to sit back and watch the children play or enjoy a peaceful hour at the start of your day, a water feature will certainly enhance the experience. Whether you have a small city garden or expansive lawns, outdoor water features will be a fantastic enhancement to your outside space.

Urban chic

For those who live amid the city hustle and bustle, outdoor space may be at a premium. Careful research and planning will help you find incredible ideas for small outdoor patios or for your rooftop terrace as well as a water feature to complement it. You need to be realistic about what you can fit it and lend a thought to ease of maintenance. A glass or mirrored water fountain will help to make your space feel bigger by reflecting light and giving a sense of openness. Clean lines and edgy angles or even flawless spheres will create a contemporary feel making your garden perfect setting for relaxing evening drinks after a long day at work. A particularly clever way of utilising space and providing a focal point for your garden design is a corner water fountain.  These provide the calming sound of trickling water with the smallest of footprints.

Country Cottage

Alongside rambling roses and picturesque arbours, a water feature will enhance the quaint and peaceful atmosphere of your cottage garden. You can choose to emphasise the garden’s features with a traditional style water feature such as a cherub or millstone or alternatively, use more modern styles made from stainless steel or glass as a striking contrast. A tiered birdbath is a perfect choice to enhance the soothing trickle of water with the dawn chorus whilst you savour your morning coffee. An important tip for this water feature is to site it away from the house to ensure that the beautiful birds you want to attract flock to the water undeterred.

Manicured Lawns

Even the most formal of gardens with immaculately striped lawns and box hedges has room for a water feature. It is worth considering a large statement feature which is certain to draw gasps of awe from your guests. Just imagine the summer evenings socialising around a natural stone fountain savouring a chilled glass of champagne. Of course, who would turn down your invitation to the first barbecue of the season for friends and family? With the flowing water fountain at the centre, you’ll be sure to be the talk of the town and first port of call for a laid back and relaxing celebration!


Serenity Guaranteed

If you are somewhat overwhelmed by the task of crafting a landscaping plan to compliment your water feature, it would be worth your while to consider investing in a professional landscaper as the initial effort will be handled for you. However, you will still need to conduct routine maintenance to ensure your yard is as enchanting and serene as you want it to be.

All things considered, a water feature is a wonderful way to create a calming and relaxing oasis in your garden. Whether you choose an understated solar-powered feature or a grand and elaborate natural stone lagoon fountain, you will soon be reaping the benefits! From enhanced sleep quality and a boosted sense of calm and well-being, investing in a water feature is a decision that will continue to impact your life positively

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