The Best Water Features for Your Backyard

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Is your backyard looking lifeless? Why not bring in a breath of fresh air by adding a water feature to it. Indeed, in no time, it will attract wild birds and critters of all kinds. And, the sounds of running water as you meditate under the moonlight will soothe your soul. Besides, if you are planning for a house resale, a water feature is one of the easiest ways to push up the value of your home. Are you still not yet convinced? Have a look at these sample best water features for your backyard:

Have an Outdoor Bathtub

Do you have an old tub that you can repurpose? Why not install it in your outdoor space? Yes, an outdoor bathtub is quite easy to install. Keep in mind that you want to keep it stable and level. Would you rather have a hot bath under the clear skies? Then fix a bib linking your long hose pipe to the hot water ones. You can also add a fire pit next to the bathtub to give it a magical touch. 

Water Fountains

Do you hold summer parties in your backyard? Improve your party mood by installing water fountains using wine barrels. Also, the wine barrel water pump is excellent for kids playing in the garden. Do you have ceramic flower pots in your backyard? Insert an electric pump in one. Fill it with water, and then plug it on your deck or patio. For, the serenity of the sound of trickling water it creates is worth the effort.  Other water fountain features include a bamboo fountain that is a deer deterrent. Or, have a rocky fountain with an illusion of water disappearing into the stones. It is an idea fountain where you worry about kids or bird poop messing with the spray. The basis of a functional water fountain lies in its piping system. Daniel Fish Plumbing can help you get it right the first time.



Now, nothing is as magical as the sounds of chirping birds besides your window on a warm summer morning. It is a wake-up call that radiates the entire home as the birds eat, drink, swim and bathe in the shallow birdbath. Hence, select your birdbath that is of a desirable height, color, and make. It will attract wild birds from far. At the same time, snakes and other crawling creatures won’t reach the water.

Waterfalls with Aquatic Plants   

Can you get some tampered glass, tubing, and lumber? Then, you are ready to create an illuminated waterfall in your backyard. Now, add some water lilies and fish to the small pond below the waterfall. It is an adorable masterpiece for a tranquil garden. You can liaise with a professional landscaper to ensure you select the right aquatic plants that fit your space and enhance your backyard. 

Water Features Add Life

Adding a water feature to any backyard will bring life to it. Now, you need materials that you can recycle and have a little plumbing knowledge. With this, you can add a waterfall, birdbath, or bathtub to your backyard. Still, if you want to remove any trial and error chance, always consult with an expert. 

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