5 Space-saving Tips for Your Guest Room

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Guest rooms are a great addition to any house. However, you may find yourself struggling with space-saving issues. In this post I will talk about 5 space-saving tips for your guest room.

guest room space-saving tips

Keep clutter to a minimum

A cluttered space will always look smaller which isn’t good if the room in question is already relatively small. One of the best space-saving tips for your guest bedroom is to keep it mess-free at all times. Ensure that there is no clutter scattered on the floor. You should also keep the bed made at all times so it looks much more presentable and neat for guests.

Even if the guest bedroom isn’t in use for a while, you should always give it a once over when you’re tidying the house. Keeping on top of the cleanliness in the guest room will ensure that it doesn’t get too cluttered.

Hang floating shelves

Floating shelves are one of the best space-saving tips for guest bedrooms. They can give the illusion that there’s more space in the room than there actually is. Hanging these around the walls will give you more space to store things.

Another great idea is to put hidden spotlights underneath the shelves. This will give the room an extra cosy vibe for your guests to enjoy. It will also help to save space as there’ll be more options to place things. Providing the guest room with more light will also give the illusion that the room is actually bigger than it first appears.

Space-saving beds

Another excellent space-saving tip is to invest in a futon that’ll save you so much space. They double up as both a bed and a sofa so your guests get to experience the best of both worlds. When the bed aspect of the futon is not in use, you can simply fold it away.

This will give you much more space in your guest room as the floor space won’t be taken up by a huge bed. A futon is also much more manageable than just a regular bed. You have the luxury to move the futon to another room in your house if you need to.

Futons are so incredibly versatile and practical for guest bedrooms. Transforming the bed into a sofa and vice versa is remarkably easy so there’s very little hassle for you or your guests.

Keep your drawers organized with separators

If you’re struggling for space in your guest room then you’ll certainly want to make the most out of your drawers. Drawer space can be a great way to reduce clutter in your guest room. You can purchase drawer dividers that’ll allow you to separate your belongings into different categories.

Instead of having everything out on display, keep things neatly tucked away in drawers. You can even use a bedside table to double up as drawer space. Keep little items stored away in drawers that otherwise will clutter up the room.

space-saving tips for small guest room

Storage solutions

Storage solutions for your guest bedroom can come in many varieties. Consider using floating shelves, collapsible boxes and even storage that you can stow under the bed or futon. Space-saving tips such as using storage to minimise wasted space is great for your guest room.

You can save a lot of space by keeping your belongings tucked neatly away into storage boxes. If your guest room is used a lot then you may want to consider keeping all of your personal belongings elsewhere. Using your loft space as storage is a great option to save space in your guest room.

This will allow the room to remain as empty as possible, should your guests need to use it for their own things. Book shelves and drawers are great storage solutions as they allow you to stow away a lot of things.

There are many space-saving tips you can use for your guest room. It’s important to keep clutter and mess to a minimum so the room doesn’t look too cramped. You should also consider purchasing a futon so that you have the luxury of both a bed and a sofa in your guest room. Your guests will then have the option to use both the bed and sofa should they wish to.

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