How to Inject Life back into your Home Office

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Working from home can have its positives and negatives. You may have more creative freedom but your productivity levels may also decrease if you’re not careful. In this post I will talk about how to inject life back into your home office.

bookcase and desk inject life back into home office

Add more colours

Adding more colours into your home office can really help to inject life back into it. Brighter, bolder colours will make you feel happier and can help boost productivity.

Instead of having plain white walls, consider adding a feature wall full of bright paint. Alternatively, you could cover your office walls in vibrant prints to inject life back into it. Brighter colours will instantly help to lift the mood in your home office. Not only that, but as you’ll feel much happier, you’re also likely to be more productive.

You don’t have to go overboard with colour; consider just adding a few small prints to begin with. You can then add more colour as time goes on if you find yourself enjoying the space more.

Have a calming playlist on

Some people prefer to work in silence as they can concentrate better. However, if you do like background noise while you’re working then you can inject life back into your home office.

Your working environment will be much more welcoming and a more pleasant space to be. A calming playlist – or a motivational one if you prefer – can seriously help to inject life back into your home office.

There won’t be a constant dreaded silence and you’ll feel less lonely while working. Your mood is also likely to be uplifted if you’re not working in constant silence. A relaxing playlist gives any room a bit more life, especially in a home office.

Keep it clean

A dirty, unkempt office is not a nice environment to work in. It also means that there’s not much life to it if it’s so cluttered.

If you keep your area clean, especially your home office desk, then you’ll enjoy working there much more. A tidy desk equals a tidy mind and will also make it a more lively space.

Buying new organisational furniture pieces can also inject life into your home. Cables and loose wires can look remarkably untidy in a home office. You can keep wires and stationery tucked neatly away to inject life back into your home office.

Inject life back into your home office by letting in more light

A light, bright office space will certainly inject life back into your home office. The more light that’s let in, the brighter the whole space will be. Therefore, your productivity levels are also likely to be much higher too.

Working in a darkened office infers that there’s not much passion in the room. This could mean the work you’re producing is done without any passion. By letting more light into your home office, you’re making it a much more welcoming work space. Plenty of light is essential for productivity and your well-being.

Place your desk near to a window and try and keep the curtains and windows open as often as you can. Natural light is much better, but failing that you should invest in lamps and lights that replicate natural light.

inject life back into your home office

Have a “fun” corner

Just because it’s a working office, doesn’t mean that it has to be incredibly boring.

You can still have an element of fun in your home office, which will help to give it more life. Create a little reading corner or have an art gallery wall where you can showcase your creative pieces.

An office doesn’t have to be plain and simple in order to be productive. If you work better in more lively and fun conditions then create your work space around your needs.

It will also help you to have time out and take regular breaks. This is especially important when you work from home as you need to keep your work and home life separate.

In order to inject life back into your home office, there are a number of steps to take. Make sure it’s well lit and contains plenty of bright and bold colours.

Having a calming and relaxing playlist on will also help you to inject life back into your office.

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