Storage Solutions: How to Get Your Home More Organized

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It is possible to diagnose yourself when you are ailing from poor storage issues. Some common symptoms include:

  • Long frustrating searches for clothing items 
  • Repeatedly buying items you already have but can not find
  • A closet that is bursting at the seams but you still ‘have nothing to wear’

Life gets ahead of us sometimes and you can hardly find time to sleep let alone follow Marie Kondo’s tips. However, the truth is, you are probably tired of riffling through heaps of clothes every morning. Some order would be a great relief from all the disorganization you are facing.

Here are some storage remedies to finally get your home back to rights.

The Kitchen

An organized kitchen is much easier to cook in but sometimes there just are not enough cabinets or drawers. You can improve on the existing storage units instead.

Hanging Racks

Woks, pots, and pans do not always fit into cabinets unless they are very generously sized. Hanging racks, on the other hand, take up very little room but provide lots of storage. There are many designs you can try to implement based on the layout of your kitchen. 

Preferably, install racks where they would not become an obstacle. Further, it is crucial that they are properly affixed to the wall. Given how heavy pans are, they could cause significant harm if they were to fall.


If you are fortunate enough to have a pantry, using the space well can allow you to store more in it. For example, you can dedicate it to the storage of dry goods as opposed to keeping them in cabinets. You would, therefore, have more room in terms of cabinet space for cutlery.

On the other hand, pantry shelves are often few and narrow, so much room goes to waste.

Modifying an ordinary pantry with pull-out drawers provides you with more storage and better organization. The drawer boxes need slides for you to be able to roll them back and forth. It is advisable to buy bulk drawer slides in order to have enough for as many boxes as you wish to install.

Airtight food jars would make for a better means of storage as they are less bulky and easy to arrange. Before you throw out the packaging, ensure to take note of expiry dates and label them on the jars.


There is such a thing as having too much Tupperware, consider donating some to soup kitchens. Getting rid of clutter creates room for more important things. Installing drawers in the cabinets increases your areas of storage.

Living Room

Shared spaces can get very easily cluttered because everyone in the home uses them. Remote controls, magazines, devices, and chargers tend to be left strewn on couches and tables. Such occurrences are typical of but there is always room to do better. Consider:

Chest Tables

For a single piece of furniture, a chest table gives so much value and utility to a living room. As the name suggests they are built as chests but the top is leveled off to serve as a table. You could use them for storage of throw blankets, magazines, or even a hideaway bar.

Plastic Storage Bins

Plastic does not particularly make for an elegant decor choice but they can be used for certain areas. Take, for instance, a child’s play area; instead of having toys strewn all over they would be better off stored in a plastic bin.

Device Docks

Instead of roaming through the house trying to find your charger, try having device docks around the house. They come in many designs to accommodate different devices and often have charging ports. You could place one on a conveniently placed end table and others around the house.

The Bedroom

Closets are an important part of everyday living. For as long as a closet stays disorganized it robs you of a little joy and time each day. The cause of disorganization can either be that you do not have enough room or items are poorly arranged.

Taking everything out and sorting through your clothing can be a start in establishing a new order. However, you can also improve the closet space using:

Extra Shelves

Hanging clothes keeps them neat but also greatly reduces the amount of space you have to work with. Shelves can work as a better substitute. The process of installing additional shelves is fairly easy and does not involve major construction. However, if you are not handy with tools, it is best to hire someone to do it.

Multi-layered Hangers

As opposed to an ordinary one, a multilayered hanger can hang more shirts or pants without taking up more space. Not all clothes can be folded into shelves, therefore this would be a good compromise.

Drawer Dividers

Socks, ties, undergarments, and even jewelry get much better organized when your drawers have dividers. Drawer dividers basically create segments inside the drawer for each item. You can get different kinds of dividers based on what you intend to keep in each drawer.

Wicker Baskets

Linen closets tend to get crowded even when everything is neatly folded away. Mostly this is because linens are changed out regularly. Everyone loves a fresh towel or sheets. 

Arranging towels and bedsheets in wicker baskets inside the linen closet allows you to store many sets. In addition, you can create a system that separates the sets for different rooms.

Organize for a Harmonious Home

When your home is lacking in order, you generally have a hard time getting chores done. Scattered items making clean akin to an obstacle race, neatness remains elusive. After a while, even with beautiful decor, everything looks frumpy.

Storage solutions bring about better organization but it does not end there. Everyone in the household will need to commit to maintaining the new system of order. In exchange for a more harmonious home, it is a small price to pay.

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