5 Tips on How to Improve Your Kitchen Without Spending a Small Fortune

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According to HomeGuide, the average cost of a kitchen remodel is between $12,800 and $21,200 in 2019. That’s quite a lot, especially if you want to upgrade your kitchen to sell the house as you might not get a price that will cover these expenses.

But the good news is that there are cheaper ways to improve your kitchen significantly. If you get creative, you’ll be able to revamp it completely even on a shoestring budget. You will even be able to reduce your future kitchen maintenance costs if you use the right services.

1.Work some space magic

Making your kitchen bigger will require a lot of work and even more money. However, you can make it appear that way with some clever storage organization. First of all, you need to make it as spacy as you can, which means removing all the clutter and, pretty much, everything from the counters. Now, doesn’t it look quite different with that change alone?

Remove clutter to make space in the kitchen

However, the things you removed need to go somewhere, as do new additions to your kitchen that will be mentioned later. To give these items their dedicated space that won’t clutter the counters you should use hanging rails and cupboard storage organizers. The latter is a particularly good idea as they will allow you to increase cupboard space as well as organize all items in a more efficient manner.

 If wall and cupboard storage is still insufficient, consider adding a trolley to your kitchen as well. It’s flexible and doesn’t take up as much space as another cupboard would. You also can use it in a variety of ways, for example as a drinks table at parties.

2.Power up the tech

Technology can help you improve your kitchen fast. And it’s not only about adding aesthetic appeal to the space and making it look modern, or clearing up the space by installing more efficient devices especially in smaller spaces. Using the latest kitchen appliances will help you become healthier as well as save time on cooking, which will also be a great incentive for cooking healthier meals.

All in all, new kitchen appliances provide some quality improvements to your life, but they can also be a source of financial issues. First of all, hi-tech gadgets aren’t cheap. However, you can offset that using credit or looking for discounts and special offers. Timing your appliance shopping right will allow you to get some great items even if your budget is tight.

If all else fails, you can look for pre-owned appliances. These are easy to find on Craigslist and other similar websites. But be careful with these as you have to be sure that the device you are buying is in good condition.

However, the initial investment isn’t the only expense that you need to think of when using appliances to improve your kitchen. You also shouldn’t forget that they can break down and cost you just as much (and sometimes even more through added damage) in repairs.

The manufacturer’s warranty offers some protection from this, but not much because it only covers breakdowns caused by product defects. However, you can cover your other bases with an added home warranty, which will cover all expensive new appliances instead of just one, like a manufacturer’s or extended warranty does.

Kitchen appliances to have more ease and space

Bear in mind that home warranties are extremely versatile today and not all providers are reliable. In general, if the offer seems too good to be true on the surface, it’s most likely is. To understand if this plan is worth it, you should be looking at cost breakdown. According to this data, the average cost of a home warranty plan is $616 a year. If you break it up in monthly payments, it’s definitely less than the average cost of appliance repair.

Home warranty plans will cost more if the covered items are old because they work on the same principle as insurance. The higher the risk, the higher the premiums. That’s why they only make sense when you are improving your kitchen with new appliances. The plan will help you reduce risks and will leave you with enough money to invest in some other upgrades as well.

3.Light it up

You can transform any space using lighting, and a kitchen is a great place for this. Not only will some extra lights help you make it appear cozier or even more futuristic (it all depends on the fixtures you choose). But it can also help you save money over time by cutting your energy bills.

Add lighting to your kitchen

That will be the case if you install LED lights, which are the most economical kind available today. These fixtures are expensive but extremely versatile and will pay off through energy savings in a few months. You can use the same tricks to get them cheaper as you would with kitchen appliances.

Install small lights over counters as well as under cupboards and even in the walls. Your task is to make your kitchen appear charming and cozy in any setting, while still keeping the lighting functional. Check out some ideas here.

4.Brighten up the furniture

Changing your furniture is an effective way to freshen up the kitchen. And you don’t have to buy it new if your budget is tight. You can either create a shabby but stylish look with old pre-owned items or upgrade the ones you already have by painting or decorating them with decoupage.

Start with changing the look of your cabinet doors and knobs as they set the tone for the whole kitchen. Go for the chairs next.

5.Use your glassware as décor

Using decorations is always a good way to improve the space. But kitchen décor doesn’t come cheap.

However, you might already have the best pieces hiding in your cupboards (or attic). If you still have those old fancy plates of your grandmother’s with a few brass pots and pans, bring them out and use as ornaments.

Let your creativity out to play. After all, any cheap improvements are all about imagination and using what little you have in the best possible manner.

Final Thoughts On Kitchen Improvement

Remodeling your kitchen is a good idea if you want to increase the value of your home or simply boost your living space, but it’s a very expensive project. If your budget is tight, start with small improvements that will upgrade this space one step at a time. Remember, it’s all about improving quality of service (storage organizers and appliances) and visual appeal (lights and ornaments).

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