How to Add Vintage Charm to Your Home

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Adding vintage style to your home

Regardless of the size of your home, it is always a great idea to add character and depth to it. Adding some old-world vintage charm even to a brand new home and make you feel more at ease in your space. A home with a lived-in look and feel is also more welcoming and comfortable.

Vintage is an evergreen theme when it comes to home decoration, thanks to its classic appeal and grandeur. It is popular with many homeowners and why not? It does have a charm of its own, and adds elements of familiarity as well as luxury in an abode.

Contrary to popular notion, giving your home a rustic feel need not make you break the bank. Here are a few simple ways in which you can infuse a touch of vintage into your home.

  1. Use Vintage Tableware

Vintage tableware for decoration

An easy and effective way to bring vintage into your home is through your tableware and cutlery. You will probably already have beautiful floral vintage-style tableware at home. If not, you’re sure to find some good-looking old-fashioned china at the nearest flea market or an antique shop.

It may be difficult to find sets that match, but mismatched tableware works well too. Buy lots of antique dishes in various sizes and use them not only on your dining table but also on the walls of your dining room and kitchen.

These can work as great accent pieces on walls, and as candle holders, ashtrays, or even soap dishes. Feel free to get creative; you cannot go wrong with this.

 2. Hold on to That Old Furniture

Old furniture for rustic style.

If you’ve got old furniture at home that you want to get rid of, hold on to it! You can repair that historical piece and turn into an old-world wonder for your modern-age home. Vintage furniture is defined by fascinating lines and shapes that are rarely found in contemporary furniture stores.

You will easily find such mid-century pieces at local charity shops or e-stores that allow you to swap furniture. Once you get hold of it, be ready to transform it with some new fabric in bold florals, polka dots, or check prints; or just a fresh coat of paint in a pastel shade.

3. Rugs Can Do It

Old rugs to add vintage style.

Add a splash of history in any room/area of your home with a vintage rug. Whether your abode has wooden or carpeted flooring, consider layering a storied rug over it to bring in color and texture into your home interior.

Antique rugs are easily available, but they’re costly. We recommend layering several small-sized vintage rugs rather than spreading out a large one to add more depth to your cozy space. They can also match really well with the right sized antique artwork.

4. Add a Bar Cart

Bar carts were common in the early days, which is why it makes perfect sense to add one to your home in your effort to go vintage! They not only hold your spirits and drinkware but are also aesthetically pleasing. Also, it isn’t hard to find authentic antique bar carts. You should easily find one at any interior décor store.

To add to the rustic effect, make sure to invest in some vintage-style drinkware and crystal decanters.

5. Let the Lighting Do the Talking

One of the best ways to add vintage pizzazz to your home is by adding old-fashioned lighting fixtures to your rooms. These fixtures look extremely classy and work well to add architectural detail to your house. They work in the way that candle-lit lamps did in the olden days.

Think wall lamps that bring the Victorian era back into the modern age, and traditional chandeliers that have the potential to grab attention and become the topic of many a conversation. Old-style and soft lighting can do wonders to add some historical chutzpah to your living space.

6. Fancy an Antique Fireplace

One of the first things that come to mind with the mention of the word ‘vintage’ is a crackling fire burning in a sophisticated fireplace, keeping the room warm. Traditionally, wood- or coal-burning fireplaces were used to stay warm in the winter months. Modern inserts can work the same magic though. All you need to do is get one installed in your home from a reliable chimney service to recreate the splendor of the past.

Of course, in order to retain the rustic charm of your fireplace, you will need to keep it clean by engaging local chimney sweeping service providers. Residents of Portland, for example, will do well to look for chimney sweep services in Portland itself to save time and costs. Also, fire safety mandates that you get the chimney repaired as and when needed. While maintaining a chimney does need effort, it’s totally worth it if you really want to add a sliver of vintage to your home.


Vintage is one of the few interior design themes are never goes out of style. Even though it is the antithesis of contemporary, there is a certain appeal to the elegant aesthetics of the era gone by. Balance is key in incorporating this theme in your home interior though.

Remember to be subtle with it as getting carried away may make it seem like you’ve created a time warp. Keep the above suggestions in mind to add a dash of the golden ages into your modern abode without feeling stuck in the past.

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