3 Ways to Add Soft Lighting into Your Home Décor

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Setting the mood in your home is all about connecting the dots of your décor elements. Finding art that makes you relax, furniture and fabrics that make you feel comfortable, and even adding soft lighting to make each room special.

Lighting a room can completely change the way the space feels! Whether you prefer natural light in the kitchen, bright lighting in the bathroom, or a gentle soft light in your living room and bedroom, then the ways you light your home will certainly influence the décor! Lighting that is soft can warm a room, make you feel more relaxed, and change the mood of your home.

Soft Lighting In Your Home

A great way to create a charming and inviting tone throughout your space, soft lighting can really maximize a room’s potential! Here are three ways to add soft lighting into the décor throughout your home.

Lamp Lighting

Lamps are incredibly functional, stylish, and a great way to add soft lighting into any room. Yes, any room. This includes small lamps for your kitchen and bathrooms!

3 Ways to Add Soft Lighting Into Your Home Decor

Lamps can add a dash of mood lighting, as well as give every room in your home a bit more creativity. There are lamps for classic French Country style, more modern tastes, not to mention the eclectic home. No matter your design preferences, there are lamps to fit your style!

Types of Lamps

  • Torchiere Lamps – these lamps make the light flow upwards, like that of a torch
  • Buffet Lamps – found on side tables and used primarily for décor purposes
  • Small Accent Lamps – typically found in small places, or used in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms
  •  Desk Lamps – not always used on desks! Desk lamps offer moveable or extendable parts in order to focus light in different areas. 
  • Standard Lamps – these are your lamps you use on night stand, or anywhere they can be functional. 

The types of lamps can come in all colors and varieties, you’re certain to find one, or a few, to fit your style. There are so many ways that you can incorporate lamps to use soft lighting in your décor!

String Lighting

String lighting is becoming more and more popular in contemporary home design. With the growing demand for string lighting as an everyday décor element, there are more styles available now than your typical “Christmas Light”.

3 Ways to Add Soft Lighting into Your Home Décor

Edison bulb string lights, tiny bulb string lights, as well as string lights with various shapes and colors! All ready to set the mood in your home. Here are just a few places where you can integrate string lights:

  • Office Space – Around your desk or bookshelf!
  • Bed Room – Around your headboard, side tables, or even along windows!
  • Outdoor space – Along the edges of an awning, under a sun room, along the outside of your house. 

Making string lights a part of your soft lighting in your home will bring a bit of wonder into any room! Transforming your house into a home!


Having built-in soft lighting is a great option for any room in your house. This type of soft light can include lighting fixtures on the side of your bed, under cabinets, footlights in your hallway, as well as on shelving units, etc.

3 Ways to Add Soft Lighting into Your Home Décor

Built-in soft lighting requires a little more planning than string lights or lamps. This is primarily because you’ll need to find a great contractor, or electrician to install the pieces. However, once they are an integral part of your room, then you will wonder how you ever lived without them!

Soft Lighting in Any Room

Your home is a reflection of your personality. You need to not only feel relaxed and comfortable in your own personal space, but you also want it to be warm and inviting for those you love most. By adding soft lighting to your home, you’ll not only allow for that warmth to flow through each room, but you’ll add a little more STYLE!

These three ways to incorporate soft lighting into your home will help to add that charm and character you’ve been missing. Whether you add decorative lamps, contract an electrician for glamorous built-ins, or opt for making your headboard brighter with string lights, there’s something to fit your personality. Add soft lighting in your home and bring your home to life!

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