How to Choose A Kids Table and Chairs for Your Toddler

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When choosing the right kids table and chairs for your toddler, it’s not always a case of simply choosing the “prettiest” or “most stylish”; a lot more thought should go into it.

Getting the right set for your child can be an imperative choice as there’s lots of factors to consider when making the decision.

Here are the things you should consider when choosing a kids table and chairs for your toddler.

Is it comfortable?

Your toddler is likely to be spending quite a lot of time sitting at their table and chairs; meal times, craft activities and activities such as jigsaws are likely to be spent sitting at the table.

This means it needs to be comfortable enough for your child to be able to endure lengthy periods of time sitting at it.

A seating height of around 29cm is the usual requirement for a chair for most four year olds but it’s important to remember that not all toddlers will be the same height. In order to ensure maximum comfort for your child, you should make sure the chair is of the correct height for the height of your child.

Is it strong and sturdy?

When purchasing the best kids table and chairs set for your toddler you must make sure that it lasts a long time and is worth investing in; you don’t want to spend a fortune on something that will need replacing in a few months’ time.

Carry out the necessary research required to ensure that you make an educated and well-informed decision when it comes to choosing a kids table and chairs for your toddler.

Combine fun and practical

Just because your child’s furniture should be practical and sturdy, doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun and playful too.

When choosing your kids table and chairs, you should try and keep a vibrant and playful colour scheme that goes with the rest of your furniture. Whether the table and chairs will be in the kids’ bedroom, your kitchen or somewhere else entirely, you can choose colours and patterns that compliment the rest of your house.

By combining a fun and colourful theme with a practical choice of furniture, you’ll certainly be on to a winner as you’ll essentially be ticking all the right boxes to make it a success!

Involve your child and get their opinion

After all, the table and chairs set will be for them, not you!

It can be a lovely thing to involve your child in the choosing process of buying their new table and chairs; it can give them a sense of pride at having helped make a ‘grown up’ decision.

It’ll also mean that they’re much more likely to be happy with the final choice of furniture if you involce them in the decision making. The best way to conduct this process is by offering them a selection of options and letting them choose their favourite.

It may not seem like the biggest decision in the world but making the right choice of table and chairs for your toddler can help them to enjoy the activities that they’ll be conducting at the table much more.

Your child’s early personality development will be easily influenced by their surroundings so the more comfortable and enjoyable their furniture offerings are, the better prepared they’ll be for later on in life.

A strong, comfortable and excellent quality table and chairs can prove to be effective at helping your child’s posture and ensuring they don’t suffer with a bad back due to ill-fitting chairs from an early age.

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