15 Smart Furniture Ideas for Your Tiny Home

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A lot of people now are shifting from a traditional house to a tiny home. The main reason for this is it greatly reduces expenses. Some may think it’s difficult to design a small house that is both attractive and comfortable. However, this is not always the case. One way to achieve an ideal tiny house layout is to choose the right furniture.

Are you wondering what types of furniture you should add to your tiny home? Listed below are smart furniture ideas that will make your home appealing and comfortable. Check them out!

Storage Bench

A storage bench is not commonly found in a typical home. However, every space, no matter how small, is essential in every tiny home. This type of furniture functions both for sitting and storing. You can organize your magazines, books, and even pillows here when not in use.

Entry Bench With Shoe Rack and Coat Hooks

This bench serves multiple purposes, making it a great add-on to your tiny house. Rather than getting coat hooks and shoe racks separately, make use of this entry bench to save space for other essential furniture. This is the ultimate organizer for your coats, bags, scarves, and shoes. Not only that but some designs also have storage spaces for other small items, such as books, magazines, and even retractable umbrellas!

Lift-up Table

A lift-up table is essentially a table that lets you lift the top layer to provide more space. You can use the top surface as a working station or a dining table. For the bottom surface, you can use it to store things, like books, laptop, and other accessories needed in the room.

Foldable Chairs

Foldable chairs don’t take up too much space and you can fold and store them when they’re not in use. Because of this, they are used almost everywhere. They are typically the preferred choice when it comes to concert, conference, or trade show furniture rentals. However, they are also a great choice for seating at home. They are used in backyards, swimming pool areas, and patios. You can also use them in living and dining rooms, especially when there is limited space.

Corner Chairs

Usually, homeowners don’t care much about corners and fail to put them to good use. Since your goal is to maximize the use of space, corner chairs are great to fill the void in corners. These chairs don’t only use space ideally, but they are also comfortable and are perfect for tiny homes.

Recliner Chairs

Recliner chairs are not really that important when it comes to tiny houses. However, they are really comfortable and provides a better seating experience compared to sofas. If your space permits it, then it’s a good idea to get one.

Wall-mounted ShelvesWall-Mount-Shelves

Wall-mounted shelves are another great addition to a small home. Instead of getting freestanding ones, wall-mounted shelves give you more space so you can put other furniture, like an office desk or sofa. There are also wall-mounted corner shelves if you prefer them. However, they won’t go together with corner chairs as people sitting them might hit their head when they stand up.

However, if you have old small cabinets, you can also use them in your tiny home. You can mount them on your kitchen or bedroom wall to offer more storage space. You can simply paint them and change the cabinet hinges to make them seem like new. This way, you can save on your furniture expenses.

Wall-mounted Desk

Compared to a freestanding desk, a wall-mounted one saves more space. It makes your home appear bigger and more spacious. These desks are usually built with compartments and drawers, helping you organize your things better. You can even add some decorations, like small-potted plants to make your workspace more appealing.

Mirror With Storage

A lot of women have huge collections of makeup, jewelry, and perfumes. If you are one of them, you might want to get a mirror with storage. This type of mirror has an organizer inside to store your personal belongings in one place.

Hanging or Mounted Wine Rack

Everybody loves wine, right? So, it’s a smart idea to get a hanging or mounted wine rack to store wine bottles and glasses. You can hang it on the wall or ceiling, which also adds aesthetic value to your space.

Dual-purpose Chair

If you have a tiny house, it’s always better to get furniture that serves more than one purpose. A dual-purpose chair is another great example. This chair can transform into a ladder, which you can use in several ways. For starters, you can use the ladder to clean and rack up places that are hard to reach. If you don’t need the ladder for reaching, you can turn it into something decorative instead. You can use it to arrange plants, ornaments, and even figurines.

Foldable Bed

A foldable bed has the same function as a foldable chair. You can lay it on the room each time you use it and fold and store it when not in use. It’s really useful when you have guests around who decide to stay for the night.

Bed With Storage

Bed with storage

It’s not only benches that can be built with storage but beds as well. Having a bed with storage provides more space where you can keep important and personal items. This is especially handy if your room does not have enough space for big drawers and cabinets. Regardless of what type, beds are quite expensive. So, it’s essential that you plan carefully when getting this furniture. You must think about a lot of things, like the size, cost, and quality.

Bedside Shelves

Bedside shelves are useful if you have several freestanding furniture. You can use it for your lamps, laptops, mobile devices, and other small accessories.

Bunkbed With Trundle

A bunkbed alone can already save space if there are several people living in your house. If it is built with a trundle, you can even save more space. You can also use it for guests who will sleep in your house.

Tiny Home? No Problem

Having a tiny home does not mean you can’t have all the essential furniture to make it attractive and fully functional. You just have to know what you need and get those that offer multiple purposes. Hopefully, this article has helped you decide what furniture to get to achieve the perfect home!

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