8 Best Patio and Deck Design Ideas

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Are you utilizing your outdoor space? Some homeowners take their backyard for granted, spend most of their time indoors, and waste valuable property square footage. There’s so much opportunity for easy outdoor upgrades on a patio that can open up a world of possibilities. Whether you enjoy hosting parties, supervising the kids’ playtime, sipping your morning coffee while taking in the morning dew, or sharing a family meal beneath the stars, it all begins with a comfortable space.

If you’ve been craving a little more vitamin D and a little less fluorescent lighting, take these patio and deck designs into consideration. Many of these ideas are simple DIY projects that you can tackle without much skill, experience, or expense—but the end result will be impressively noticeable.

Surface Materials

Surface materials for your porch

You don’t need a beautiful lawn to transform your backyard into a tranquil haven. There are a number of cost-friendlier surface materials that can be strategically used to create your desired aesthetic.

  • Gravel

This is typically the most inexpensive surface material and the easiest to install. Gravel offers superb drainage so you don’t need to worry about water pooling up, which also means that weeds are unlikely to grow. Contrary to some opinion, you can actually design a very nice patio space out of gravel; the one consideration to bear in mind is the possible discomfort walking barefoot across an uneven surface. If you plan to place your kid’s table and chair set on the patio, this might not be the safest option due to inherent instability.

  • Concrete

Concrete is another very affordable material that you can use to install an outdoor patio, plus it provides incredible longevity for its price value. It’s a bit easier to maintain compared to gravel and may be stained a variety of colors depending on the design you want to achieve.

The one issue with concrete decks and patios are their susceptibility to freezing. If you live in a region known for exceptionally cold temperatures, make note of this when weather-proofing your backyard, installing your winter pool cover, and protecting your irrigation system. It’s wise to apply an epoxy sealer over the concrete surface that will act as protective film much harder than acrylics.

  • Cut Stone

Installing cut stones is simpler than concrete, but the material is much more expensive. If your budget can handle it, this patio design is considered among the most beautiful. Marble is ornate and impressive, whereas sandstone is more practical and demure. Travertine will be the most cost-effective option for a cut stone patio.


Different lighting options for outdoors

Create the perfect vibe with thoughtful lighting designed for patios and decks.

  • Edison Bulbs

There are so many unique string lighting options that go beyond traditional “Christmas lights”. Edison bulbs are an extremely popular choice in current design trends—especially for outdoor spaces. They provide soft, ambient light and add an everyday décor element to the edges of awnings or patio covers.

  • LED Rope Lights

For a look that’s more modern than rustic, you can consider installing LED rope lights around your deck’s fence railings. Not only do they create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor dining, but they also provide a safety benefit when installed beneath the deck stairs.

  • Tiki Torches

Turn your backyard into a tropical oasis with tiki torches that set the mood. This classic design staple is popular for its ability to transform an ordinary backyard landscape into an exotic paradise. Now you can add this instant crowd-pleaser to your patio without the need of burnt fuel to light the torch, as there are many realistic-looking solar powered tiki torches that provide the same effect.

Patio Furniture

How will you, your family, and your guests enjoy relaxing outside?

  • Table and Chairs

Choosing the perfect table and chair set for a newly designed space is never easy. The furniture is largely the centerpiece of the area and ties all the décor together. Take your time when making your decision so that you feel confident in your investment. The most popular outdoor furniture is made with wicker, aluminum, or teak wood due to their water-resilient properties.

  • Outdoor Accessories

There is no shortage of options for how you can decorate your patio or deck with outdoor accessories. Some ideas include fire tables, rugs, umbrellas, planters… the list goes on and on.

Now that summer is cooling off, seize the opportunity to design your outdoor living area before winter arrives—then prepare for sundrenched afternoons come spring!

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