How to Choose the Right Futon for your Home

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Futons are incredibly versatile pieces of furniture; they can transform a simple couch or sofa into a bed that’s fit for purpose. Some futons can be priced at the more high end of the range but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a small fortune on one. Here are some ideas on how to choose the right futon for your home.


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Consider the use and purpose of the futon

Some futons are purchased with the intent of having many guests use it over a period of time but some futons almost never get used.

When purchasing your futon for your home, consider the use and purpose of it. Will you be entertaining many guests and therefore need a futon that is extremely comfortable once converted into a bed?

Or will you only be using it very occasionally if someone decides to sleep over on a whim?

Whatever your conclusion, you should think carefully about exactly what type of futon you want to invest in. If you’re going to get a lot of use out of it then you may wish to splash out and purchase the best futon on the market so that your guests experience optimal comfort when staying over.

Think about where the futon is going to reside in your home

Futons are an excellent furniture piece as not only are they practical and stylish but they can also help to save a lot of space in your home.

Inside of buying a sofa and a bed; a futon allows you to experience the best of both worlds as they simply and conveniently turn from a sofa into a bed and back again.

While futons are great for saving space in your home, some models can be huge in order to provide maximum comfort. Therefore you need to carefully consider exactly where in your home the futon will be placed. You may wish to opt for a smaller futon so that it fits more easily into your room of choice.

Invest in a comfortable, stylish and practical cover

Futons are great as they can be used as both a sofa and a bed but this will also inevitably mean that they’ll be used by a number of people.

To avoid stains, spills and general wear and tear, you should invest in a sturdy but stylish cover for your futon so that it’s protected against any mishaps.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a cover to protect your futon; you can buy the most simple design as long as it serves its purpose.

Get the best mattress possible

Your futon may spend most of its life as a sofa but when it is used as a bed, you want to make sure that it’s as comfortable as possible for your guests.

Cotton and foam mattresses are the most common types of mattress for futons. They’re extremely comfortable and can easily be folded back into a sofa once you’ve used it as a bed.

Some futon mattresses may be incredibly comfy but you may find yourself struggling to tuck it back into the sofa. It’s important to consider the weight and material of the mattress so that you don’t face any issues when returning it back to its original position.

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Consider the aesthetics of your home

When purchasing your futon, you should always consider the rest of your home. It’s nice to have matching furniture so you don’t want a green futon if most of your furniture is wooden. Matching furniture adds a great deal of sophistication to your home.

There are many different types of futon frames available so it’s a good idea to look around first. This is to ensure you pick the style that best suits your home.

Futons are great furniture pieces to invest in as they can really stand the test of time. They’ll also last for many years providing that they’re well looked after.

Choosing the right futon for your home can certainly be a lengthy process. But it’s one that will be rewarding once you’ve found the perfect futon that everyone can enjoy.

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