How to Choose the Perfect Table and Chairs set for your New Home

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Choosing the perfect table and chairs set for your new home requires a lot of thought in order to ensure it fits well with your decor.

Today I’m sharing tips on how to choose the perfect table and chairs set for your new home.

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Get your measurements right

The first thing to consider when purchasing a new table and chairs set is thinking about how big you want it. It obviously needs to fit in the space that you have in mind. Therefore, you need to ensure you get the correct measurements before you buy one.

It’s a good idea to measure the area where it’s going to be placed. You can then make an informed decision about the size of the table you need. Dining room furniture can be deceptively large so you need to ensure there’s plenty of room for the table and chairs, as well as room to maneuver around it. It’s also imperative to maximise the space you have.

Start by measuring the area intended for the table and chairs set and then leave enough room for pulling the chairs out and for walking around the table area.

You also don’t want your table to look too cramped. Make sure there’s an adequate amount of room for the table and chairs set to fit comfortably.

Ensure it’s fit for purpose

Whether you’re using it for dinner parties or just as decorative furniture, ensure that it’s fit for purpose.

The material of the table and chairs is also an important factor to consider. If children will be using the table and chairs a lot then you should make sure it’s made of sturdy and stain-proof materials. You may also want to make sure it’s easily cleanable. And also if you prefer to have a set specifically for your children, for the perfect kids table and chairs set, it’s also important to make sure it’s fit for the purpose and is made from stain-proof materials to avoid damage.

There are so many different materials to choose from when it comes to a table and chairs set. From wood to metal to plastic to glass, there are so many options. A glass table wouldn’t be the best option for children using the dining set. However, a glass table and chairs set would look incredibly sophisticated and modern.

A plastic table may be a better alternative for use by children so you need to consider its purpose.

Define your price range for the perfect table and chairs set

The perfect table and chairs set, whether it’s for your kids or yourself will be one that is in your price range and is completely fit for the purpose. Prices of dining furniture sets range massively and can be hard to decipher which one is the best.

If you have a rough idea of how much you’re willing to spend on your table and chairs set for your new home then you’ll be much better prepared. You can go into a furniture shop and only look at the ones that are relevant to your budget. This will be easier as you can immediately eliminate any that are too expensive.

The material that the table and chairs set are made from will also have an effect on the price. Generally, glass and metal tables tend to be more expensive whereas wooden and plastic are often more affordable.

modern table and chairs perfect table and chairs set


Consider how often it will be used

When finding your perfect table and chairs set for the new home you have to consider its usability. If you host a lot of dinner parties then you may want a table that has many chairs, or at least room to add additional chairs if needed.

This factor also applies to your initial measurements as the table and chairs will have to fit into your intended space. A great compromise on the space and use front is by having an extendable table. This means a small table will be great for just you, but you can then extend it when you have guests.

If you use your table often then an extendable table may not be the best option. This is because it will be too much hassle to constantly unfold. A large table may just be the best way to go if this is the case. However, you may not have space for a large table so ensure you consider all of your options.

In order to choosing the perfect table and chairs set for your new home, you have to consider many things. From measurements and price to usability and its purpose. Consider every option before you commit to a purchase.

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