How To Save Space In Your Home Office With A Corner Office Desk

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When it comes to saving space in your home office, one of the best ways to do so is with a corner office desk. There are a vast variety of home office desks to choose from and it can often be overwhelming.

In this post I will talk about how to save space in your home office with a corner office desk.

Corner office desk ideas

There are a number of ways to make use of a corner office desk in order to maximise the amount of space you have.

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Tuck it under a window

One of the ways to save space in your home office is by placing your desk under a window. You can still use a corner office desk for this as well.

If the window in your home office is near to a corner of the room then you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You’ll have the luxury of a window view while saving on space.

Some corner desks often have a short corner piece and then a longer straight piece; this is the part that could go under the window. You would also be saving space in terms of shelving as you could even use the windowsill as a makeshift shelf!

Have a large desk covering two corners

One of the best home office desks you can invest in is one large desk that covers multiple corners of a room.

If you’re short on space in your home office, then a long, thin corner office desk could be the best option for you. It won’t protrude from the wall as much. However, it will still give you plenty of space as it’ll stretch across multiple walls and corners.

Not only will you have more desk space, but you will also have more space underneath the desk to store things. You’ll have more floor space as the desk will be pushed up against the corners and you’ll have room underneath and above for shelves and storage.

Invest in a collapsible corner desk

Another great way to save space in your home office is by having a collapsible corner office desk. This will enable you to save even more space in your home office as you’ll be able to fold the desk down and stow it in a corner when it’s not in use.

Corner desks are often quite compact anyway so a desk that can fold down is even better. You’ll be able to save so much space in your home office with a collapsible corner desk. This means more room for other items in your office!

A collapsible corner desk is also relatively easily maneuverable. This is great if you ever need to move it to another room.

Consider a standing corner desk

A standing desk not only has numerous health benefits, but it’ll also help to save space. You’ll receive incredibly health benefits such as better posture, lowering the risk of heart disease and boosting productivity.

A standing corner office desk will also be much easier to move around as opposed to a stationary office desk. They’re often much smaller and lighter so they can be easily moved if required.

If you also use your home office as a spare bedroom then a standing corner desk will give you plenty of space to use for guests. You’ll have much more floor space and things can be tucked underneath the desk if necessary.


corner office desk for your home

There are a number of ways to save space in your home office with a corner office desk. As there are so many different shapes, models and sizes of corner office desks, it can really help you to be flexible about space.

If you wish to be able to move your corner desk easily around the room, or to somewhere else entirely then a collapsible or standing desk may be the best option. Furthermore, you can also save space with a regular corner desk too. Try and tuck the desk under a window for great views and to save space. You could also buy a desk that covers two corners so you have a lot of desk surface space.

These types of desks will also leave room on your walls for shelves for added storage room.

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