3 Smart Home Devices That Can Save You Money

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Smart homes are the height of convenience. You can open your garage, turn on your heat, listen to your favorite podcast and so much more all at the press of a button from an app.

What could be better than turning on your A/C as you are on your way home so you can come into a nicely cooled house when you arrive? The best part? You aren’t paying to cool your house all day while nobody is home just for convenience.

This is just one example of how having a smart home can save you money. Usually, you have to pay for more convenience. This is one of those cases where you kill two birds with one stone and enjoy savings and convenience at the same time. And add going green to that list as well!

In this article, I will go over several of the ways that using smart devices can help you save money.

1 – Home Security Device

To encourage people to install a home security system, many insurance companies offer lower premiums when you have one installed.

In the past, security was just either an alarm that would go off if a thief tried to enter or an alert sent to the police.

With a smart security device, you have a lot of things covered. For starters, there is a doorbell camera that will alert you when there is somebody in your doorway. Then, an automatic lock system that can’t be picked and then there is the alarm itself that can be monitored remotely with your phone.

Systems like Vivint home security packages can save you considerable amounts of money on your insurance in addition to limiting your risk of a break-in.

2 – Smart Thermostats

Energy costs keep rising every year. To lower your bills you need to consume less. This is easier said than done when you are using analog devices to control your heat or cooling systems.

A smart thermostat can help you save money on your utility bills by giving you more control as well as giving you a hand when it comes to when and how much to heat.

The AI used in these systems keeps track of your usage and will heat the areas you use the most at the times you use them the most without you needing to keep track. Not only that, but you also get detailed reports of your usage so you can see the areas where you are wasting energy and can cut back.

3 – Smart Lighting

LED lights are much more efficient and energy-saving than traditional bulbs. Now add in the Internet of Things and you can add smart LED lights that communicate with your other devices to become even more efficient.

These lights use your Wifi to connect to each other and then you can use a device to control them. From an app or through a smart speaker, you can change the brightness, turn them on or off remotely and even program when they should be turned on themselves.

This can save loads of money by making sure you don’t have lights on when they shouldn’t be.

Win Big

Even though you have to spend some money upfront on these smart devices, over time, they end up paying for themselves and even saving you money. And in the case of the energy-saving versions, you are also able to decrease your carbon footprint for an even bigger win.

Convenience doesn’t have to cost you money, it can even help you save some!

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