Which Winter Pool Cover Is Best – Mesh Or Solid?

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A wide variety of people enjoy having a pool in their backyard even during the winter.

Some of them prefer to install in-ground swimming pools while others find aboveground pools more affordable.

As the summer ends, it’s the exact time to think about closing your pool.

Are you thinking about the same? If yes, then you need to perform a few tasks to ensure your pool stays healthy during the offseason i.e. clean the pool, add winter chemicals and final step is – cover your pool. If you’re looking for more ways to improve your home’s mood, check these tips out

Pool cover

Do you Want a Maintenance-free Pool During the Winter?

The answer is to install the right type of pool cover. Pool covers not only protect the pool but also prevents animals and small children from drowning.

Mesh Vs Solid –  Which is the right Winter Pool Cover?

Mesh Safety Covers

Mesh safety covers can last for more than 15 years. They are fairly light as compared to other safety cover types. Apart from their lighter weight, mesh covers may support several pounds.

Mesh pool covers

How Mesh Safety-Covers Work?

It is designed in a way that prevents water from collecting on the top of the cover.

However, it is woven in a tight manner allowing debris to settle on top. You will find some fine sediments to vacuum up whenever you open your pool. Some of the mesh covers are simply resistant to the sun’s destructive ultraviolet (UVI) rays.  While others are meant to block 99% of the sunlight,

Why do you want to keep the sunlight out of your swimming pool? Don’t you think it helps to warm your pool? Well, it is beneficial in the case when you are using the pool, But in the offseason is detrimental.

How Mesh Cover Is Maintained?

Once you install a cover on your pool, you just leave it alone, Right? A little basic upkeep is important to extend the life of your cover.

In case, if you live in snowy areas, it is mandatory to remove the snow from your pool cover. It is a  better option to push it off with a broom. As the snow becomes really bulky when its bottom layer freezes.

Regular brushing off will prevent ripping, rearing of your anchors.

Whereas if you don’t get much snow, you can blow dry debris off the top of your mesh cover with a leaf blower. When you reopen your pool, make sure to remove, clean and store your mesh safety cover properly.

Solid Safety Winter Pool Covers

It acts as a water-resistant barrier between your pool and rain, snow, etc and promises you a cleaner pool opening. It doesn’t allow any water to seep into your pool.

Solid pool covers

How Does Solid Safety Pool Covers Work?

A little bit of sunlight is allowed through to your pool water by mesh covers, wheres solid covers block it all.  This means, no dirt will be collected on the bottom of your pool. Moreover, algae growth and evaporation will be inhibited by blocking the direct sunlight. 

How To Maintain A Solid Safety Cover?

As with other pool covers, ensure you blow debris regularly. It is important to make sure not to allow snow or ice to build up on top the of sold safety cover. It may damage the cover, cover pump, anchors, etc.

The process of cleaning and storing your solid safety cover is similar to a mesh cover. You can use water, bush or mild detergent if needed. You can rinse the soap and debris with a hose, and then use the pump to remove the soapy water.

Which Winter Pool Safety Cover Is Right For Your Pool?

So, which one would be perfect to install?

  • If you are after an easy opening in the spring, and moreover, you can handle storing a heavy cover then solid safety cover is the best choice for you.
  • If you prefer the lightest option available and don’t mind doing extra work to open your pool? Then, choose mesh.

Getting a pool ready for winter is mandatory as several weather conditions can damage the pool.  

Using pool covers to keep the pool as clean as possible preventing damages to the pool’s structure and surroundings. Explore the variety of pool covers available to choose from.


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