Not Using an Empty Bedroom? Here are 5 ideas for Filling That Space

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Maybe your kids have all flown from the nest and now you and your partner finally have your home all to yourselves. But as you walk around the space, you realize you need to do something with the empty bedroom in your home. Below, we’ve gathered some examples of how to transform your empty bedroom into a usable, fun space.

  1. Create a guest room

Now that the kids are gone, it’s time to party with the adults. Use that empty bedroom to prepare for visiting guests and create a welcoming guest room. Choose an inviting neutral color scheme and avoid childish decorations. Neutral tones like grey or beige are a great starting point that you can liven up with different pops of color such as yellow or terra cotta. And don’t forget to add a few hardy indoor plants as well, maybe some succulents for example.

What to do with your unused bedroom

Upgrade that twin bed into a queen size and invest in a matching bedroom set to make sure the space has a cohesive look.

  1. Rent it out

Another option you have for your unused space is renting it out. This is a great idea if you live in a crowded metropolitan area where housing is tough to come by. After checking out the market rates, you can figure out a fair price to charge. You may even want to consider turning the bedroom into a fully functional studio, so your new tenant has some privacy. Add a small kitchenette, appliances, and a washer/dryer combo. Not only will this make the space more useful for your renter, but it also means that these additions justify you charging a higher price for your monthly rent.

Rent out a spare bedroom

Before you invite a tenant into your home, however, it’s important to properly screen him or her. With a comprehensive rental history report, you can discover any past evictions and other red flags you may want to know about. This allows you to only rent to renters who you know will take care of your property. After all, peace-of-mind is priceless.

  1. Create a home office

If you work from home but typically spread out your work on the kitchen table, it might be nice to have a space dedicated to your work. Take that empty bedroom and paint the space a neutral color with a pop of brightness on an accent wall for some visual stimulation.

Add a big desk that offers you ample storage for loose paper and other office accessories. Add in a charming light fixture and supplement with dedicated task lighting. And don’t forget a comfortable office chair and lumbar support to keep your back healthy and free of pain as you work.

  1. Build out your dream closet

It can be fashion week every week if you want it to be! Transform that empty bedroom into an amazing walk-in closet. You’ll likely need to add in lots of storage additions, a full-length mirror to admire your outfits, a seating area, and shoe racks.

If you really want to get fancy, you can add luxurious curtains, fairy lighting, and a runway to really elevate the space.

  1. Construct a meditation room

Ready to feel relaxed and at peace with the world? A fun option you have at your disposal is transition an empty bedroom into a yoga studio. It’s important to keep the space as distraction-free as possible. Consider adding in some tapestries for a relaxing, yoga studio feel. Add a salt lamp, essential oil diffuser, and assortment of crystals to really enhance the energy of the room.

In addition, you should find some beautiful plants to add to the space that are easy to maintain. Place floor cushions and yoga mats around the room so you can find your most comfortable spot and get in touch with your inner self. Place a rainbow light catcher in a window for a playful addition to your space.

Do You Find These Tips Useful for Your Unused Bedroom?

When you have an unused bedroom in the house, it can leave you at a loss for how to use it. But whether you want to create an entire walk-in closet dedicated to your designer shoe collection, a meditation studio to practice your yoga, or rent out the space to create a dependable revenue stream, you have tons of options available to you. With our guide, you’ll be on your way to creating a useful, functional space that’s just right for you.

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