How to Make Your Bathroom Look Awesome!

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The bathroom is the most expensive place to renovate in your home, besides the kitchen. If you are thinking about upgrading the look of your bathroom, there are several bathroom decorating ideas that can elevate your look for less!

A Few Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Awesome!

You don’t need a big budget to make your bathroom look awesome! Because there is no right way to make your inner interior decorator come alive, here are some pointers that can fit nearly every design style! All in all, these simple tips will help you to spruce up your bathroom, make it look awesome, and keep your wallet happy!

Paint Your Bathroom

Get down and dirty with some fresh paint! A trend that is growing in popularity is to pain your bathroom as if you’re painting a spa! Using a monochromatic color scheme, as well as neutral tones and accents, will allow you to create a calming and relaxing spa atmosphere in your bathroom!

Spa Colors in Bathroom

While a spa like environment may be incredibly chill for some, you can also add a hint of FUN! A pretty blue or aqua paint color can add a relaxing tone, while bright color options can add a spark of joy and inject a little color into your home!

Paint your walls with the perfect shade for YOUR  STYLE. Paint is an easy, inexpensive, as well as fun way to update your tired old bathroom.

Take Time to Touch Up Tiles

If the existing tiles in your bathroom seem boring to you, then now is the time to redecorate! Build up of residue on your tiles and grout can drain them of color, as well as add a layer of grime. If you like beautiful tiles in your bathroom, maintaining regular tile and grout cleaning in your bathroom is an excellent start!

A popular way to add a spark of color and beauty is to add a glass backsplash. This not only provides a pop of color, but is also an inexpensive addition! 

Upgrade tile

Once you’ve got your accent tiles in place, you can look for mirrors or other bathroom accessories to match! In addition to large mirrors, you can also look for towels, toothbrush holders, and so much more to add to your tile upgrade!

Lighting Fixtures to Make Your Bathroom Look Awesome!

There are a wide variety of lighting fixtures available that aren’t that expensive but will add so much to the look of your bathroom. Go ahead, replace your outdated lighting fixtures with spectacular new ones!

The latest bathroom lighting trends include hanging pendants, light bars, as well as environmentally friendly options! We recommend you to use LED lighting fixtures in your bathroom, as they are energy efficient, as well as being able to add some excellent bright light!

Upgrade Your Flooring

There are a vast number of DIY-friendly flooring options available today which are modern, as well as affordable. Vinyl Flooring planks are the first choice of any budget savvy homeowner. Because this flooring style comes in a variety of color, “wood” replications, as well as textures!

Vinyl flooring is highly durable and includes textures, as well as imperfections on the surface! Giving it a natural look, in addition to long lasting use. Make your bathroom awesome with this waterproof, as well as heavy-duty flooring upgrade!

Get In Touch with Your Dark Side

If you love the charming look of dark-colored walls and floors, then no need to spoil your mood with brightly colored walls! Dark colored walls look beautiful with white trim, and can even help to set a relaxing tone!

Dark Colors

For an elegant look to your bathroom, pair wall colors like navy blue or dark brown with neutral trim colors. Also, make sure to use light fixtures and bulbs with dark colors. A perfect combination of lighting with a dark wall color is a secret to a room’s success.

Gray, Grey, or Gris

Gray has become the new go-to bathroom and kitchen color. This is because gray provides you with SO MANY OPTIONS! It adds a soothing touch to your bathroom and is easy to color coordinate

Warm Grays like “greige” is a perfect choice to complement wood vanities, silver fixtures, as well as colorful accessories! Use soft lighting and accessories that complement your high-end gray bathroom look.

New Textiles

Replace your old, mismatched towels in your bathroom with exciting new ones. Firstly, towels can make, or break a bathroom. Secondly, there are so many color and pattern options out there that it is such a simple way to add a bit of fun to a boring space. And lastly, there are a LOT of different textiles in your bathroom that can be upgraded for cheap! 

Upgrade Textiles

Textils to Upgrade:

  • Body Towels
  • Hand Towels
  • Washcloths 
  • Shower Curtains
  • Floor Mats
  • Toilet Mats

If you are using the same color for your towels and floor mat, choose printed shower curtains, or bold colors that contrast those options. That way, you’re creating variety!

Make Your Bathroom Look Awesome, Without Breaking the Bank!

Following a few simple upgrades, or making a few new purchases can make an old, boring bathroom look brand new! Whether you’re adding a touch of pain, updating your textiles, or even adding new flooring, these simple steps can make your bathroom look awesome! Overall, you can update your bathroom without taking it out on your bank account using these simple tips!

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