The Common Pitfalls in Remodelling Your Kitchen

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Doing the kitchen is an expensive undertaking. But to most people’s minds, it is a worthy investment since it is considered the heart of the home. And if you are selling down the road, remodelling your kitchen will yield the most returns for your investment.

However, kitchen remodel failures may double your expenses. Not only did you spend on the materials for your DIY projects, but you would also be hiring professionals to take them down and replace them with new ones.

According to this report from Remodelling magazine, a major mid-range kitchen remodel costs more than $66,000 on average. A major upscale reno, meanwhile, will easily reach more than $130,000, which would be enough to buy you a full house in Ohio.

Meanwhile, a Houzz Kitchen Survey made in 2017 revealed that only 10% of Americans planned on spending between $50,000 and $75,000. About 75% of them were more comfortable between the $5,000 and $50,000 range. So, even if you factor in inflation, it seems that Americans are putting in more money on their kitchen than they are willing to spend.

So, make sure your kitchen remodel is done right the first time. Avoiding these common pitfalls would allow you to keep down costs.

 1.Poor ventilation

Proper ventilation in the kitchen will prevent smoke and smell from stagnating. You need to choose the right hood in terms of size and capacity to suck in all the smoke you make when cooking.

Poor air ventilation after kitchen remodel

 2.The work triangle

Any professional knows this on the first day. What this means essentially is that your refrigerator, sink, and gas range should be located within this working triangle. You need to keep a space between four feet and nine feet. That way, it would not feel cramped, and yet everything is within an arm’s reach.

3.Inadequate lighting

The kitchen is one area where you need proper lighting to see what you are doing. You can still set up accent lights for texture and mood. But when it is time to do your task, you need the correct illumination. It is also for your safety. You do not want to cut your fingers because you could not see well, do you? Among the lights you can install as part of your kitchen remodel include the downlights, pendant lights, under-cabinet, or a slimline bar.

Poor lighting is a kitchen remodelling mistake

4.Improper planning

Putting enough storage is one thing, but it is useless if you cannot put the storage to good use. If you have high ceilings, you can make use of an elephant ladder or a library ladder, which will add character to your kitchen. Make sure that you only put the least used utensils, plates, and glasses on the top-most shelves, so you do not climb the ladder every time you cook. Alternatively, you can install kick-toe shelves, especially if you are a smaller kitchen.

While countertops are essential to most homeowners, they are impractical if your house is small. The crucial thing is to create more countertop space. Professional kitchen makers have several tricks to achieve this. The standard techniques include building more cabinet storage, add shelf stackers or customised kitchen islands.

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