How to Declutter Your Home When Moving

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Moving is the perfect opportunity to start fresh — and decluttering is one of the best ways to add to the freshness of moving.

Being able to get rid of items that have been lingering around for a long time or leaving behind furniture you’ve meant to replace will give a sense of freedom and new beginnings.

Plus, there are other perks to decluttering — like reducing moving costs, decreasing stress, and saving space.

Let’s dive into a few ways to effectively declutter your home before moving.

Figure Out Where To Start

Starting the decluttering process as soon as possible may sound like a good idea, but starting without a plan is counterproductive.

To be more efficient, make a game plan. First, figure out the order of the rooms you will declutter.

You should start with the biggest and most cluttered rooms first; these will typically be living rooms, kitchens, or bedrooms.

Starting with the biggest rooms with the most stuff will help make your job easier. Decluttering the biggest rooms will be an accomplishment and decluttering the smaller rooms at the end of the process will be a piece of cake.

Starting with the most challenging rooms first will also help you establish a categorization system so you won’t have to figure out what to do with items as they come up.

Pace Yourself

How to Declutter Your Home When Moving

Another best practice while decluttering is to pace yourself; don’t try to fit your decluttering in on the last night or a week before your moving date. Doing so will make you feel overwhelmed.

According to Frisco movers trying to rush the decluttering process before a move will result in burnout and may cause you to keep or give away items you didn’t mean to.

Instead, try to start decluttering a month before moving to give yourself the necessary time to pace yourself without increasing stress. Depending on how many rooms are in your house, try tackling two to three rooms a week.

Understand What To Keep and What To Let Go

When you start sorting your belongings, it can be challenging.

The idea of letting items go can be tough, but it’s necessary to save on moving costs, space, and stress.

When it comes to sorting clothes, devices, appliances, and accessories, you can get rid of them if you haven’t used them in over a year. Of course, there are exceptions to specialty items like family heirlooms or skiing equipment.

Sell or donate anything that brings you stress or bad memories.

Another best practice is to get rid of any furniture that is older than five years. Discarding furniture pieces you don’t plan to use in your new home will help reduce the cost of moving and give you a chance to decorate your new place exactly the way you’d like.

When decluttering, try to sell any items that are still in good condition first. If selling them doesn’t work out, donate them. Throw away any other things you’re not able to sell or aren’t in good enough condition to donate.


You’ll inevitably pile up some sentimental items that you want to keep.

If you don’t have enough room in your new home or don’t want to use your closet space for sentimental items, consider getting a storage unit.

Storing sentimental items that you don’t use regularly will keep them safe and save you space.

Getting a storage space for sentimental items will also keep them from getting lost or damaged in the shuffle of moving.

Have a Stress-Free Move

Decluttering before a move can help cut costs, reduce stress, and enable you to create a clean and fresh space in your new home.

Figuring out what to declutter can be the most challenging part, but you will feel great once you complete it.

Remember to give yourself enough time to sort your belongings adequately, and you’ll be well on your way to a fresh start.

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