Smart Decorations: Small Space Solutions For The Entire Family

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Living in a spacious house affords any homeowner with more opportunities to redesign and redecorate their living spaces. Unfortunately, people who live in small houses may be limited in terms of creativity and capacity to change things up. It sounds frustrating, right?

From tiny house hacks to grand gestures, maximizing the space in your home could prove to be not only a necessity for your family but also an opportunity to give your house a new design. Staying in a small house doesn’t mean that you can’t move things around!

Whether you’re living in a small singe detached house, a condominium unit, or a studio apartment, you can still use the limited space to store as many things as you can. Check out these tips on how to make the most out of your small home space:

Divide the house into sections

Most single detached homes and some condo units have room partitions that clearly separate one area of the house from another. However, living in a studio apartment may need you to have a bit of thinking, specifically in terms of cutting the area into zones.

To do this, decide which parts of your small space you will use for sleeping, eating, eating, and relaxing. You may use differently colored floors to separate each zone.

Use multifunctional furniture

Putting a sofa and a bed in one space will instantly make the place cramped. The solution? Use a sofa bed! What’s great is that many furniture shops are already selling these kinds of things – work desks that can change into dining tables, or couches with cabinets.

Apply optical illusion

It may sound impossible to apply luxury design, decor related styling, and other home modifications in such as small space, but interior design cannot be disregarded in any room size. The best way to do it in a small room is to use furniture and décor that help project a larger space.

Some of the best examples include huge wall mirror panels, curtains that run from ceiling to floor, and transparent furniture.

Use foldable and wireless things

Bulky items such as single couches and office desks can easily crowd a room, even though they aren’t used often. As a workaround, use chairs and tables that can be folded and stored away when not in use. House Beautiful also recommends using wireless gadgets and lighting fixtures to make movement and storage easier.

Maximize the ceiling and overhead space

If you’re searching for more space, look up. Really, I mean it literally! Many of the home storage solutions featured in design websites always mention the ceiling. After all, the space above our heads is seldom used, especially in our homes.

Scratching your head and unsure of what I mean? Here are some examples to help you make use of this precious space:

  • Use bookshelves that occupy the entire height of your house.
  • Install overhead racks for pots and pans.
  • Put a loft on an area of your home with a high ceiling.
  • Hook up a hanging bar where you can hang your clothes.

Even if you have limited movement in your house, remember that designing a small space just takes creativity and a bit of research to maximize your storage and placement. So go ahead, wear your creative hats and get to work!

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