How to Decorate a Small Condo Bathroom

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With the boom in condo demand in urban areas, more and more designers are creating ideas for saving space without compromising comfort and style. Fold-up everything dominates the market in terms of condo interior design – from murphy beds to chairs and tables, to closets turning into studies turning into bedrooms, etc.

Saving or creating more space is practically a matter of imagination and creative concept when it comes to the living room or kitchen, but that is not always the case with tiny condo bathrooms. When you think about it, there isn’t much that can be folded up there, especially since there isn’t much in terms of furniture to be creative about.

That shouldn’t discourage you from looking for ways to optimally utilize the space in your miniature bathroom. There are still a variety of tricks you can try out to add more room visually and enjoy the comforts of a larger-sized space.

Play with dark, warm colors

Interior designer often swear by lighter colors for visually increasing a particular living space. Actually, that’s not always the case in the compressed room of your bathroom. There are a variety of tile designs in deep honey brown or luxurious dark purple that combine elements creating an optical illusion of depth that would make the wall lines appear as if receding back into space.

Get creative with mirrors

A clever way to double the space in your condo bathroom is installing wall mirrors on at least two walls to immediately widen the room. To add instant classiness to the décor, pick a luxury metal or dark-wood covered mirror frame.

Ditch the medicine cabinets, even if they have mirror doors, since they tend to protrude and take up precious space. There are a number of other places you can store your medications, such as your nightstand or a dedicated kitchen drawer.

Install shallow bathroom cabinets

Stack up your storage units over or under elements that already jut out of the wall, such as the toilet or the sink, respectively. There are a variety of sink designs that are narrower and more compact and the cabinets that go underneath should match the style. Placing a wicker or wooden storage boxes on shelves above the toilet will give you plenty of room to store your personal care products.

Add some ambiance

If you have followed my first piece of advice about warm darker colors, now is the time to play up the effect with some ambient lighting. Start lights would work better for a light or white interior, but here muted yellow light coming from many small ceiling fixtures would best accentuate the décor without taking away space.

Display towels creatively

Finally, a rack of towels or a wall hanger with bathroom ropes is neither aesthetically appealing nor space-efficient. Think about installing a decorative ladder instead and hang your towels neatly on its rungs. Another way to add the finishing touches to your bathroom project is replacing the fluffy white towels with luxurious ones in coffee, royal purple or rich olive green colors to complement the rest of the interior.

It isn’t that difficult, is it? Most of these ideas don’t even require a solid budget and outside help and you can experiment with them on your own. Have you discovered other tactics that add more space or create a visual illusion in your small size condo bathroom? What works and what doesn’t?

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