Easy Ways to Transform Any Space

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Being in the same space everyday tends to get boring after a while. You’re looking at the same poster day after day, the paint is starting to look dull, the patterned rug is quickly becoming old. Sound familiar? Sounds like you need a little refresh. If that sounds like a little too much effort than you’re interested in, listen up. Refreshing your style doesn’t have to look like a remodel

There are a few things that you can do to transform any space, whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or even the garage! Just check out these 6 easy tips to learn how.

Start by Re-organizing

The first step to loving your space again is starting with a fresh slate. If it’s your room that’s the issue, a quick closet clean-and-declutter could be all you really need to do. As you clean, follow the Konmari method to help you determine which items you should hold onto and which ones you’d be okay parting with. Ask yourself, “does this item spark joy?” If not, let it go!

Once you’re done cleaning up and cleaning out, you can start by rearranging your space. Remember, reimagining your space doesn’t mean you have to have a total overhaul of furniture or a complete redesign.

Add Some Fresh Paint To Really Transform Any Space

Add some fresh paint for remodelling

There’s nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint to bring a space to life again, even if you’re just repainting with a neutral color! Just be sure you’re following best practices when repainting so that you keep your floors, windows, and molding looking fresh!

  • Only paint in dry weather
  • Buy nice paint brushes
  • Use painter’s tape to protect anything that you don’t want to be painted
  • Patch up any holes before painting

Invest In A New Piece of Furniture

If it’s your dresser, bedframe, or kitchen island that’s become a design eye sore, you might just want to swap that one item out for something new. If you’re worried about mixing and matching styles, just stick to styles that are simple enough or in the same color scheme. Hooker Furniture, for example, has a large collection of furniture that can easily be combined with other styles within their line.

To stay within your budget, consider selling used furniture on a resale website. This way, you can earn some money from an item you no longer need and put it toward something more inspiring.

Driven by Decor listed some tips on buying furniture.

Adjust Your Lighting

Just like a new coat of paint can transform a room, so can a change of lighting! Oftentimes, the lightbulbs that come with lamps out of the box are actually too bright for any space, except for maybe an office building. Try replacing the light bulbs throughout your house and change them to soft white for a warmer, more welcoming look. Soft light bulbs range from 2700K-3000K.

Add Some Greenery

If your space is so sparse you can hear echoes when you call to the other room, you may need to find some creative ways to fill up these empty spaces. Plants are an excellent way to do this! Plus, studies have shown that houseplants have a number of physiological and psychological benefits that can add to their appeal. Improved respiratory health, boosted focus, and better air quality are just a few of the benefits indoor plants can offer. Better yet, many houseplants require very little maintenance, making them the perfect “pets” to add to your home! Snake plants, fiddle leaf figs, and peace lillies are all examples of plants that do well with minimal natural light and watering. Check out these live plants from The Sill to find even more options!

Simple tips to revamping your space

Hit Up the Flea Market or Thrift

If personality is the thing that’s lacking in your current space, you might just need to find a few eclectic items to fix that problem! Head to your local flea market or thrift store to find unique vintage charms and trinkets worth displaying. Just make sure that whatever you choose reflects your individuality and sense of style!

How Do You Like To Transform Any Space?

Revamping your space doesn’t have to mean you need to do a total remodel. With a few simple additions or refreshes, you can fall in love with your space once again!

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