Is Buying A Drum Sander Worth the Price?

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There are a lot of flooring options available for home use, yet hardwood floors are one of the most popular choices among homeowners. But hardwood floors require a lot of hard work. 

You can purchase pre-set hardwood packs at a home goods store! However, installing these can get a bit expensive. Because of this, homeowners need to exert a lot of effort in keeping the wood well maintained, clean, and shiny.

Since the material used on the various floor surfaces comes from wood, it is natural to see some spots with protrusions, general wear and tear, or deep discoloration over the years. These defects can only be removed with the help of a drum sander. If you plan to take care of your floor in your home, here are the things that you must know. 

What Is A Drum Sander?

Drum sanders are convenient tools used to sand wood flooring and give it a sleek, shiny finish. It uses replaceable abrasive sheets to polish the wood, and make your home floors feel like new!

But before start using this tool, you need to prepare the floors to maximize the benefits of using a drum sander.

  • First, you need to make sure that the floors are free from any protruding nails.
  • Next, check if there are any visible gaps or cracks that need repair and have it fixed as soon as possible.
  • Then sweep the floor to get rid of any dirt.

After all these initial preparations, you can now begin to use your drum sander to fix the wooden floor. Be certain NOT to skip your prep steps. This could not only lead to damaging your floors, but damaging your drum sander as well if skipped!

How to choose a drum sander for your woodwork

Do You Need to Buy A Drum Sander?

While you can find a lot of rental companies that could lend you a drum sander for a specific timeframe, you may want to consider buying a unit for your home. 

Most of the time, a drum sander comes at a steep price. But if you calculate the amount you need to spend on hiring professional services from time to time, you will realize that you are spending as much as buying a brand-new sanding tool.

All in all, if it is a tool that you will use more than once for your home, and the cost of purchasing it is equal to renting it more than twice, then it is worth the money to just buy!

You might even pay more if you rent a sander if you have to use it on a large property. Instead, the better choice is to purchase your own drum sander.  

What Are the Other Materials That You Need to Sand Your Wooden Floors?

You need to have as many pieces of sandpaper as you can. It will make sure that you will cover all the floor area in your home. Always check the grit or the roughness of your sandpaper and match the one that you will use. The fine grits are normally used to refinish furniture or antiques, while the coarse ones are perfect for the sand fine wood finish.

If you want to remove scratches or old finish on your wooden floor, you may look for medium grits and attach it to the drum sander. You can find the grit number at the back of the sandpaper. 

Are You Feeling Ready to Use Drum Sanders?

Using drum sanders to refinish your hardwood floors may need a lot of getting used to. It may take a while before you can finally get the hang of it. But with repeated handling, you will get used to the tool and maximize its uses so you can easily take care of your flooring for a long time. 

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