10 Ways to Display Your Favourite Photos

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Are you trying to spruce up your home? One of the best ways to deck out your house is to frame your favourite photos. There are so many creative ways to display your photos, no matter what kind of home décor you have. Here are 10 ways to display your favourite photo frames, just in case you need to jog your creativity.

1.Photo Collage

Do you have so many photos that you can’t decide which ones to hang up? Then hang up all of them! Create a photo collage that incorporates dozens of your favorite pictures. If you’re a DIY kind of person, you can print your photos at home and assemble them onto a canvas or large poster board, and then you can frame it. Or you could create a collage on Photoshop and have it professionally printed. Either way, you’ll enjoy having a big mishmash of your favorite memories.

2.Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard walls are very popular in hipster households. But even if you’re in a more traditional living space, you can use a chalkboard wall to display your favorite photos. Tape a few of your favorites to the chalkboard wall, and then use a chalk stick to draw fun comments or doodles around your photos. It’s a fun, silly, and interactive photo display, and you can even swap out photos every week or month. Installing a chalkboard wall is easy—just use this West Elm removable wallpaper panel.

How to display your favourite photos

3.Custom Canvas Prints

A canvas print is one of the most beautiful ways to display photos. Canvas has a lovely texture and sophisticated appearance that makes for a perfect wall centerpiece. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to have your digital photos printed on canvas. CanvasPeople canvas prints, for instance, allow you to size your photos to various canvas measurements.

4.Wire Display (with string lights)

A super modern way to display your photos is to hang them up on a wire display. A wire display is just that—you hang a wire on your wall and attach clips to it so you can dangle your photos from the wire. You could even decorate the wire with Crate & Barrel string lights for a really cool effect. With string lights, this is a great photo display for a new apartment because the lights will make your apartment more homey.

5.Photo Clock

A minimalist wall clock is one of the coolest home décor trends for a modern-styled home. You can supplement these wall clocks with your own framed photos. Just get a wall clock on Wayfair and then hang a framed photo where each of the numbers would be.

ways to display photos

6.Digital Photo Frame

Here’s another good photo display idea if you have too many photos that you want to hang up. A digital photo frame can display your digital photos, and you can even set it to run your photos on a slideshow. This is a great photo display for a high-tech, high-value home.

7.Wood Print

Wood prints are becoming very popular in homes with rustic décor. Just like with canvas prints, there are lots of websites now that allow to upload digital photos and create prints on a variety of wood sizes. PlakThat wood prints has lots of options to choose from.


Tiles are not just for the bathroom! If you’re looking for a more luxurious kind of wall art for your home, print custom tiles online. You can turn your photos into beautiful ceramic tiles that you can either hang on your wall or place on a display stand. Colors pop on ceramic tiles, so this would be a good print medium for any of your photos that are filled with color.

9.Photo Crystals

If there’s a very special photo you want to display—like a wedding photo or graduation photo—then you can turn it into a photo crystal. This is a gorgeous type of photo display that essentially combines your treasured photo with jewelery. It’s a great type of display for your most important pictures.

10.Photo Locket

Here’s a great photo display that you can take anywhere: a photo locket. Create a custom photo locket online and carry your most prized photo with you wherever you go. A photo locket makes a wonderful gift for your children, significant other, or best friend.

Hopefully these 10 ideas gave you some creative inspiration! Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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