10 Eclectic Ways to Light up Your Living Room Space with Neon

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There’s something about the lighting that makes it the perfect ingredient when you want to complete a look. You can have everything else right and then mess up with the lighting, and all of a sudden the place looks dull and lifeless. It’s probably part of the reason why we work by day and sleep by night – light just brings things to life.

In the same vein, there’s no better way to bring your living room to life, than by infusing it with the right kind of lighting. Neon lights, in particular, possess a classic warm glow that makes them a popular choice in entertainment spots, bars, and restaurants.

However, recent interior décor trends have seen them make their way into our living spaces. Though this may surprise you at first, you’ll soon discover that when applied with a touch of creativity, the end results can be amazing. In this article, we’ll look at 10 ways in which you can use neon lights to transform your living space.

  • Let Your Room Say What You Want To Say

Sometimes you want to subconsciously convey a message to your guests. Maybe, you want them to feel at ease, welcomed, or to just set a certain mood. While interior designers will have a number of ways to achieve that same effect, a more ingenious approach would be to convey the message through a neon sign.

  • Brighten Up Dark Backgrounds

Though many people choose bright colors for their walls, color-blocking is also becoming quite ubiquitous. It’s not uncommon to find walls with contrasting colors, for instance, coffee brown and orange. A neon light can be a great way to brighten up the darker shades by either displaying an art form or conveying a message.

 Light up Your Living Room Space with Neon

  • Be Extraordinary

For you to achieve amazing results with neon lighting décor, you should be prepared to make some bold moves. Dare to be different. Stretch your imagination. Do something unique. The beauty of neon lights is that they give you the flexibility to experiment with different colors.

  • Spice Up Your Kids’ Bedroom

We all know that kids have a huge intolerance for boring spaces especially if that space is their bedroom. Kids love fancy and bright colored stuff, and neon lights can be a great way to decorate your kids’ bedroom to their liking. Some kids also believe that neon lights have the ability to keep monsters away, so why not use them for lighting instead of the conventional bulbs?

  • The Random Quote

Again, this is about stretching your imagination. You can light up a dark corner of the room with an inspirational quote that you love, a funny joke, or a bible verse, all spelled out in neon lights. Something like: “All we have is now”, or “Every dog is a lion at home” or the cheekier, “You couldn’t handle me even if I came with instructions.”

  • An Overlay of White on White

You may be surprised to discover that you are not just limited to working with contrasting colors. Black and white are definitely the most effective contrasts one can think of, but sometimes you may just want to share a subtle message that needs a keen eye to notice. Placing a neon light on a white background is a nice way of achieving that effect.

  • Choose a Theme and Stick to It

Breathtaking interior decors are not achieved haphazardly. The process of picking the right color should be carefully thought out in order to blend in seamlessly with the existing environment. Select colors that contrast well with your floor, chairs, sofa bed, dining table, etc. This will help to create a harmonious theme throughout the entire living space.

  • Artificial Sunlight for the Terrace

If your house has a terrace, neon light is a perfect source of illumination for an outdoor dinner. You can have it shaped into different forms: a crescent moon, full moon or even have it mimic the solar eclipse. You may even want to create different moods on special occasions like Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Thanksgiving, etc. and it will let you do all that.

  • A Random Piece of Art

Surrounding a piece of art with neon lights is an excellent way to make it stand out in your living space. The warm light is guaranteed to capture everyone’s attention while also accentuating the various features of the art piece.


  • Entertainment Time

Nothing says it is party time better than turning on those neon lights. If you want to instantly transform your living room from a quiet abode of relaxation to a party house, a slight change of the lighting can do the trick. A simple flick of the red neon lights is a sufficient catalyst to evoke passionate emotions. So if you are planning on hosting a party at your house, you know how to set the mood right.

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