Innovative Trends to Inspire Your Next Bathroom Makeover

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Bathroom Makeover

According to one interesting report on, Americans spend about 15 days every year in the bathroom. By comparison, most employees only get 15 days of vacation after five years of employment. In other words, we’re spending as much time in the bathroom as we do relaxing on an exotic beach destination.

That said, it’s obvious that you should spend more time on your bathroom design to ensure that you create a relaxing and comfortable space. After all, you’re spending an hour each day there. If that is not enough, then consider the fact that about 50% of homebuyers are willing to spend more for a well-designed bathroom.

Do we have your attention now? Here are four trends that you should keep in mind for your next bathroom makeover.

  1. Ecological Trends

Good design incorporates aesthetics, functionality and also a sustainable approach. Take a chance on innovative, recently-released products that have proven to use significantly less water without sacrificing any performance factors, and you won’t be disappointed. One of the most effective ways you can make a change is by switching to more efficient, water-saving toilets, showers, and faucets. Bathroom products are the leading appliance category that is huge water wasters, so why not do yourself and the environment a favor by reducing costs as well as conserve water?

  1. Storage Trends

Functionality never goes out of style, especially if you’re dealing with small bathroom spaces and you want to make sure you’re using space in a smart way. In this case, the furniture choice is highly important. Take advantage not only of the horizontal space but the vertical one as well, and use the height of the room in your favor by stacking your storage objects vertically.

Also, if you plan on making new purchases, make sure to buy furniture pieces that can have multiple functional roles and that can double as aesthetic pieces as well and contribute to the good feel of the room – incorporated pieces, open shelving, and other similar objects can be very practical in a bathroom space. Reap the benefits of well-organized spaces and clear the clutter that surrounds you. The satisfaction of a clean, cleared and uncluttered space is huge, and the sense of calm and happiness it brings is undeniable.

  1. Design and Accessibility Trends

While we’re still on the practicality subject, it’s important to know that these days, object design has evolved in such a way that through their shape and ergonomic qualities they can leave an impression of a much bigger space. Not to mention the fact that they are easier to clean.

Lately, we’re seeing a lot of beautifully designed objects, such as floating vanities, brick floor tiles or bath-incorporated showers that instantly transform your bathroom and give it a spacious feel. Additionally, if you’re in the home makeover business, you are probably aware of the fact that home value is also increased through the quality of appliances, especially if they follow ADA standards for accessibility.

  1. Media Trends

Incorporating electronic appliances in bathrooms has also seen a huge rise in trends. Take multitasking to a whole new level by including docking stations or Bluetooth devices in the objects in your bathroom, such as mirrors or showerheads. Improve both the sanctuary feel and your productivity while in your bathroom by giving yourself the opportunity of listening to music, watching movies while taking a relaxing bath or even planning your day and listening to the news on the radio while brushing your teeth or performing any other daily activities.

Don’t neglect how the spaces you spend your time in affect your mood and energy levels. There have been numerous studies that have shown that interior design plays an important role in our day to day lives and can have a huge impact on our minds. Always keep that in mind, and if or when you find that you’ve not felt at ease in a certain space, take a good look around you – the space itself just might be the problem!


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